Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Not only is today really Good Friday, it really is a Good Friday and I've only been up for 2 hours so far!  :)  If that isn't positive and optimism for you, I don't know what is!


My first trip to a veggie/fruit stand (farmer's market) on Sunday!!  I plan on writing a post more about this next week.  All I am going to say right now is that it is AWESOME!!


Hey hey!  Look who I got to see on Saturday!  Jackson and Claire!!! I get to see them again this weekend on Easter Sunday!


Stopped by the Goodwill on Sunday and found these cute onesies for Baby Boy.  The total for all 4 of these were $3.50!!  I'll take it!  The dinosaur onesies are in honor of my sister, because she has the odd nickname of T-Rex and I thought these were just too cute to pass up!


19 weeks already!!  I am almost half way there to meeting Baby Boy and am SOOOO excited!


Remember when I was telling you yesterday that I have that horrible sciatic pain in my right buttocks/back?  Yeah, well Andy taught me a way to stretch it out and it totally helps!!  Every time I lie down to get in the stretch Keeley stands right over my head and starts to kiss me.  That photo of her is making sure that I am OK!


I can't forget to post a photo of my Smokey!  Here he is with his new best!  I can imagine Smokey saying, "You are my best friend and I shall name you 'Squishy'"  Haha!!

This weekend's plans include cleaning up the house, cooking and getting ready for Sunday, and then enjoying Easter Sunday with all of our family!  I was worried about the weather there in the beginning of the week, but now I am happy with it.  High is suppose to be around 78 degrees and there is tiny chance of rain (only 10%)!  I hope you all have a great Easter Sunday!

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