Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let the Sun Shine!

I had EVERY intention on blogging yesterday.  Then my alarm went off like it always does at 5 am and 515 am.  Apparently, at 5:15 am, my alarm went off and I turned it off in my sleep.  I even remember in my dream thinking, "Hmm, the 15 minutes in-between my 2 alarms seems like a long time".  The next thing I know, it's 6:13 am and I overslept an hour!  WHOOPS!  I quickly jump in the shower (I cannot go to work without a shower, it's just not right...lol) get ready for work and am out the door by 6:50 am.  I knew I was going to be late and probably stuck in about an hour's worth of traffic.  To my surprise, I wasn't.  It took me 40 minutes to get to work, so I was only 30 minutes late clocking into work!  WOOHOO!!!  After my oversleep, I was bound a determined to still make it a great day.  Yes, it sucks to start out a Monday like I did, but why ruin the rest of my week with oversleeping and stressing over it.

Then I hear about a tragedy at my work.  It had to do with a co-worker's child and it really hit home to me.  When I found out, I had this huge lump in my throat.  As selfish as it is, all I could think was that I hope that, that does not happen to me.  That right there took my mood in a different spin.  I am down right sad for my coworker right now.  I didn't sleep well last night, tossed and turned and had some bad dreams.  

Today is our last doctor appointment with our old doctor.  I call him our old doctor because he wanted to see us one last time before he retired from the OB side of his practice.  I'm excited and nervous just for that fact that I haven't been to the doctor in 5 weeks and I just really want to hear his heartbeat!  :)  After yesterday, that heartbeat will be the icing on the cake that everything is just fine.  (P.S. nothing is wrong with my by the way.  Everything seems to be going smooth still).

So that's about it for today.  Today I will enjoy the sun shine and keep a smile on my face.  :) 
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Jen said...

Hugs friend! I hope you are having a beautiful day, you deserve it!

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