Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014!

Why talk about Easter when I can just show you?
Warning: Picture OVERLOAD!!

Claire and Jackson getting ready for the egg hunt!  They had so much fun with it!
Notice my step-dad all relaxed in the background....HAHA!

Claire found an egg!  She was so excited but didn't understand to put the egg in the basket and find more!  :) 

Jackson found another one!  Too bad that tree that the egg was in is more than likely dead.  :(  So not trilled right now with that tree for obvious reasons.

Look at that smile!  LOVE!!!

My brother Jack and Father-in-law Tim trying to find the missing egg that we thought was missing but ended up not being missing.

Claire and her Easter basket.  She was so proud of her finding those eggs!
Don't you also just love her fruit punch mustache.  :)  Hehe!!

Mommy (O'Hara, my sister-in-law) helping count out the eggs!


My Keeley being such a good girl!

Can you tell in this photo that she is so tired?!?!

My dad Randy and his wife (my step-mother) Deb


My sister-in-law Kelly

My siblings, Joe, Jack, Jena and Jeff playing catch with my nephew Jackson.

Like father, like son playing catch. 

Throwing the ball

Jena making sure the ball doesn't go in the street


Claire wants to play catch too!

Jackson, O'Hara, Jeff and Claire

I love how Jackson always smiles for the camera for me!

Claire was having too much fun and didnt want to go home.

Jena, Dad, Joe, Jack and Mom

Andy and me, rocking that baby bump
(my face looks HUGE here....not a fan of this photo)
I hate how I think I like a photo and then a day later i look back at it and go, "Oh geez, that is not a good photo!"

Tim, Lynn and Kelly
 photo greysignature_zps937d4ad0.png


Jen said...

What a fun Easter weekend!! :) I love all of the photos.

Ali said...

You look great in that picture! Hush!!

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