Monday, April 7, 2014

FREE Office Fridge = AWESOME!

Does anyone else ever have writers block.  My post titles always take me FOREVER to come up with...  Today's post title comes from the photo below.
That's right, that's my new (new to me)  mini fridge in my office!  Our IT Director is retiring and I asked if I could purchase that fridge from him.  He said sure and then surprised me on Friday by putting this in my office and said I owe him nothing for it.  SOOO nice of him!  Makes me even more excited for the mini fridge because I fully plan on pumping at work and I have my own place to put breast milk in it during the day instead of using ice packs.

Look who I got to see on Friday for dinner!  My adorable niece Claire!  She was in awe of my nail polish (blue and green sparkles) which now reminds me that the next time I am over at her house, I'm bringing some nail polish to make her nails "Pwetty"

Cat grass growing was successful!!  I pulled this inside for Smokey to munch on and man he munched away!  I had to take it away from him in about 5 minutes because I didn't want him to get sick.

Keeley and Mama took a quick trip to PetCo to get Smokey some more food.  She LOVED going to PetCo and her nose was on hyper drive.  She did such a great job!

I'm really loving apples with peanut butter right now.  Keeley is loving my new craving too since she always gets to lick the plate of peanut butter clean once her mama is done with it.  Here's her sitting patiently while I finish up.

Can I just say that we have AMAZING neighbors and friends!!!  No seriously, we really do!  Andy, Ryan and Melissa spent all Sunday painting the baby room.  I've thanked them about a bajillion times but plan on thanking them once again.  THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! This is a sneak peak of the color we put on the walls.  Also, Keeley is starting her guard dog job early.  Here she is exhausted because people were all over the house yesterday with painting and such.  Plus, Grandma and Jena came over.  Hello hyper doggie!!

That about sums up my weekend.  How was your's?  

P.S. Easter is in 2 weeks and I'm hosting it at my house again!!  Time to start menu planning.
What's on your Easter menu?
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Jen said...

You can't go wrong with a free office fridge!! Woo! :)

The Modern Tulip said...

What is cat grass? It sounds genius! Your sweet puppy is adorable!

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