Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Let's Play Catch Up, Shall We?

Where in the world have I been?  I promise you all, all is good.  Baby is great and I think I've started to feel him move around.  I thought instead of writing multiple blogs to explain everything, I'll just list it all out on one post.  Nothing bad I promise.  :) 

  • Last week was a really rough week for me work wise.  There was lots of drama in the office, lots of work being piled on top of me that I just cannot seem to get ahead of, and I am just running out of steam.  I haven't taken a vacation day since December 24th and that was for one day.  The time before that was in July when we traveled to Michigan for a funeral.  Not exactly a vacation.  So needless to say, I am in desperate need for a vacation.....Unfortunately, it is not in the budget for this year.  I am trying my hardest to save up the time for maternity leave and we are trying our hardest to save as much money as possible right now.
  • Andy and I decided to start carpooling in the morning to work.  We started 2 weeks ago and it hasn't been too bad at all.  He gets dropped off 10 minutes earlier than normal, but it is manageable he says.  We both start work at 7 am (he's salary and I am hourly).  I get off at 3:30 pm and he is off at 4 pm, so when I get off, I just head to his work and by the time I get there he is off and we just head home.  It's about an extra 30 minutes in the car for me, but the gas savings is tremendous.  I am talking a good $200 a month we are savings in gas alone.  Not to mention that we are saving on the wear and tear on both vehicles driving in the same direction everyday.
  • Allergies have been kicking me in the butt lately.  I get the occasional allergies during the spring like everyone else does in Missouri but NOTHING like what I have been experiencing this past week.  I have finally broken down and decided to take Zyrtec for my allergy problems.  That medicine is a god send!!!!  Yesterday I was absolutely MISERABLE with head congestion and nasal blockage.  Today, I am feeling like a whole new woman!!!  My allergies are not completely cleared up, but it's way better today than it was yesterday.
  • I slept for a good 10 hours last night and it felt WONDERFUL!  I fell asleep on the couch from 7-8pm, then to bed from 8:30-5:30 am this morning.  I am still tired but feel so much better.  I think those allergies really took it out of me. 
  • Speaking of breaking down and taking medicine.  I am not opposed to taking medicine at all.  In fact, I have no problem taking Tylenol for a headache or whatever my pain is. Ever since I've become pregnant, I've been trying to not take medicine at every wince of pain.  I try to stick it out as long as possible, but the allergies won this time.  I fully plan on signing up for that epidural when it comes to giving birth.  I know I won't be able to handle that pain the entire time, but then again, you never know.  :) 
  • Easter Sunday is coming up in 4 days and I am looking forward to it, but am in no way organized for it right now.....  Easter is always at my house and we invite all of Andy's family and my family over for a big feast.  I am still trying to plan the menu and decide on a start time for Easter..LOL!  I know that this year we are planning on a Easter egg hunt for Jackson and Claire though!  :) I am hoping that it does not rain that day and it is sunny.  
  • Keeley has been miss protector of me lately.  She is glued to my hip and sleeps with me all night long now.  It's really sweet.  She can totally tell that I am pregnant.  She and Baby Boy are going to be best friends.  LOVE IT!!  
  • I am getting excited to register for Baby Boy also!  I think I am going to start registering in May since the next 2 weekends I have booked up.  
  • We have set the date for one of my showers, this is the one that my mom is throwing for me.  My mom thinks it's silly that she is throwing a shower for me, but I would not have it any other way!  She means the world to me and her throwing a shower for me is what I want.  :) 
  • I am trying out a new makeup today and love it so far!  The best part, I picked out the right color first try!  SUCCESS there!  Next week I will review it for you all.
  • Of course a post is not a good post unless there are photos, so here you go!
She is LOVING that the weather is getting nice again!

Right next to me like always!

Keeley is such a good dog!  She loves the sunshine on her fur.  When we are outside and cleaning or occupied doing anything, she just sits near us but gets her tan on.  NEVER runs away.

Smokey's new "friend".  We moved a fish from the big tank to this small tank because he was being mean to all the fish and attacking them.  The fish is banished to the small tank for the time being. 

Not only is my Easter table cloth cute, but Smokey is hiding.  You can see a tiny paw at the end of the table cloth.  He thinks he is being so sneaky!

There's Smokey!!!

My guard dog.  She was waiting for me to get ready for bed.  She looks really sad here, but I think she was tired.  She has been out of her cage for 4 days straight and I think she is ready to catch up on her own sleep today.

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That is awesome that you are saving so much a month on gas!

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Yay for the update! And I'd like to RSVP for registry making, please. ; )

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