Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Want to linkup with me? {MidWeek Randoms}

I've really been contemplating wanting to do a linkup on Wednesday's called "MidWeek Randoms".  I find that at times I have a hard time coming up with things to write all week long and LOVE the idea of a link up of MidWeek Randoms.  I have participated in other blogs before who have done these, but it has died off and stopped happening.  If anyone is interested in also hosting this with me or is just interested in linking up with me, please email me at:
bettertogetherandforever{at}gmail{dot}com!  :) 

But until I hear anything, I will do my own list of MidWeek Randoms for this week since I do not have any recipes to share today on the blog and haven't been taking photos of my food lately.  

  • I decided to finally bite the bullet and purchase a month of PicMonkey (the upgrade version) for $4.99 and I have to admit, I REALLY love it!  I think I am going to have to just upgrade for an entire year which is only $33.00 ($2.75 a month) since I've used it so much the last couple of weeks.  I would really love to just sit down and do an entire blog re-design but that's on my back burner at the moment.  Everytime I try to do something new for the blog, I spend too much time on it and then save it, transfer it to the blog and it doesn't come out....its getting really frustrating to say the least.  I also blog on a MacBook Pro laptop at home.  While it's not an ancient thing to use, it is frustrating to do some blog designs on it.  The plus of having a laptop, I can blog on the couch.  So you know, it has its plus' and minuses.
  • Today's high: 69 degrees.  Tomorrow's high: 35 degrees with snow and potential ice.....As of right now, we are expecting around 6 inches total of snow.
  • Also speaking of the nice weather, we decided to grill burgers last night.  Yep, it was December 3rd and we were grilling.  Welcome to the unusual weather of Missouri.  Don't worry, it will be bitter cold and snowing in several days!  :) 
  • I have officially moved upstairs to my new office.  I have a before and after photo to share with you all and plan on posting it to Instagram for you all to see.  
  • Also, speaking of Instagram, did you know I have an instagram?  You can follow me here.
  • My favorite photo editor and background creator for my instagram photos: PhotoGrid!  Love this app and it was FREE!!  It has some awesome background choices, photo boarder choices AND I love the fonts you can use for text.
  • My friend, Ali decided to let all of Facebook know that 3 weeks from today is Christmas....did that scare you too??
  • I've been contemplating about setting monthly goals for myself instead of just a yearly "New Years Goals", which by the way, is it just me or do you not remember what those goals were? Yeah, I can't remember mine either.....I need to get to reading this and see what I have and haven't accomplished.
  • Have you all seen the new "shared" thing going around on social media accounts, "Weekly Savings".  I am going to talk to Andy about it and see if he is on board for this also.  It's where you save a certain dollar amount every week.  So week one you save $1, week 2 $2, week 20 $20; and so on until you get to week 52 and you will have saved in total (if you save the right amount every week) $1378.00.  I would love to save this money and put it towards hard wood floors for the main floor or maybe a vacation!
  • I've been in a not so good mood the past couple of days.  I am just down with things not going the way that I thought they would.  I need to snap out of my funk, but sometimes it's easier said than done.
  • Back to the gym I go today.  I've been promising myself that I am going to go and then come up with excuse to get out of it.  Today stops the excuses and starts the fat burn!  I can't keep sitting around, eating like crap and expect to feel amazing.  It just doesn't work that way.  I'm sure my mood will change for the better too with going to gym.  Why wait for the new year to work out when I can start today!
Again, if anyone is interested in doing this link up with me, please let me know!


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