Monday, December 23, 2013

2 days till Christmas

Good Morning all!  Hard to believe that the weekend is already over with and were onto the week of Christmas!  This morning and I am stressed to the max and working my booty off in getting payroll submitted and sent so that I can enjoy my day off on Christmas Eve!!  I'm not sure how much blogging that I will get done this week, but I'll try my best.  :) 

My weekend was fun and down right relaxing!  Friday night was spent spending money at Dobbs and getting the oil changed in both cars and getting new tires for Andy's cars.  Andy's Christmas present from my parents also came in on Friday!  He received a new rug for the basement!!  Both Andy and Smokey LOVED the rug.  It makes the rug feel "homey"!

  • A Friday night beer run for Andy to Friar Tuck.  $50 later.  I'm a good wife!
  • A forced photo with my Smokey!
  • Blueberry pancakes for Saturday morning's breakfast.
  • This is what Keeley looks like while we eat our meals at the table.  Pathetic!
  • Smokey takes seat at the table.  Makes Keeley crazy!?!!
  • Saturday morning cuddles with the Keeley!

Saturday I still wasn't feeling up to par and spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV.  I watched my fair share of HGTV and Food Network.  Speaking of HGTV, have you ever seen the show "House Crashers"?  We were watching it all Saturday morning long.  It was sucking us in 30 minutes at a time.  The host Josh Temple finds these people at home improvement stores like Lowes and Home Depot and finds out if their houses need to be "crashed" and re-done.  Sometimes he finds these people who run away from him and I just laugh.  I told Andy, if I saw him at Lowe's I'd be running after him with him running away from me!  LOL!  So I thought, what the hey, I'll tweet him that and see if he actually responds".  

That's right, he tweeted me back!  We went to dinner at Bellacino's with Andy's parents and his grandpa and spent the rest of the night watching the TV show, "Suits".  It's actually pretty good!

Sunday was spent shopping with my mom and sister!  We went to Costco right when they opened up (10am).  30 minutes later, while searching in the wine section for a certain type of red wine, I look up and the place is packed!  Welcome to the last weekend until Christmas!!!  LOL!  We also went to Target (thank you Target for the 10% discount).  I know that it's not good that their system was hacked and 40 million credit cards were taken, but at least Target did a really good job at informing the public and offered that 10% discount for the entire weekend to the customers.  We also watched our favorite cheesy Christmas movie, "A Very Brady Christmas".  Oh yes, I just said that.  It's a tradition to watch that movie. :)  I finished up the night with laundry (just getting real here people), wrapping Andy's presents, baking some blueberry muffins for breakfast this week, and watching some more of "Suits".  

  • Photo's of me watching "A Very Brady Christmas" Be jealous!
  • Andy was so gracious in getting me gas in my car that he left the door open.....ugh!!  MEN!  It was so cold, that I got us some Starbucks.  White Chocolate Mocha just hit the spot!
  • Blueberry Muffins!

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Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Merriest Christmas to you + yours, gorgeous!!! xx

Jen said...

i love the rug!! Merry Christmas! :)

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