Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Missing headphones

Oh what a day yesterday was.  I wouldn't say it was a bad day, but it was a frustrating one to say the least.  It was a payroll day at work, which means more thinking on my part than any other normal days (I know, that doesn't make too much sense) but when you are not good at math (scary thought for someone who does payroll) and has to stare at numbers all day long, it calls for a long day.  

I am "officially" on a mission to get my body back into shape.  Last week I went to the gym on Thursday and Saturday (I can hear the gasps now about the Saturday).  I told myself not to wimp out and just go to the gym last night (Monday) and get it over with.  Do you see the pattern?  Workout every other day.  :)  I get to the gym, change and start to look for my headphones and iPhone workout case.  I find the case, no problem and the headphones, well I still cannot find them as of Tuesday morning.  I am annoyed at this point and think maybe they are in the car.  But who really wants to go back out to their car when its 26 degrees out to find stupid headphones.  So after digging through my purse at least 4 times with no luck I give up.  I put my stuff (a gym bag, my purse and parka) into a locker and try to put my lock on it.  It doesn't work (the locker lock part wont come down all the way so I can put my lock in and be done).  I try another locker, same thing.  I am seriously contemplating just walking out of the gym at this moment.  But no, I don't.  I go to the other side of the locker room to the other lockers and try out another one.  It finally works, about dang time!!!

I spend a good 20 minutes on a stationary bike and get in a good amount of miles on the bike and decide that my butt is numb and its time for the stair master.  In all I spent 30 minutes at the gym.  Proud of myself for going, yes! Proud of myself for not walking out, yes!  Mad at myself that I cannot find my headphones, YES!!!  I have until tomorrow afternoon until the next workout and working out WITHOUT headphones is not an option for Wednesday.  So until then, wish me luck that these pesky headphones show up soon.  :) 

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Linnea said...

Great job goingt o the gym!! I am heading there after work tonight. Love the new layout, I really need to work on mine.

Jen said...

You are doing so great!!! Proud of you lady! :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

I wish I had your gym motivation!! It's been so cold here in Chicago that I've been sooo lazy! Hope you find those headphones SOON!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today and wanted to comment! I read some of your old posts and just want you to know that I suffered a missed miscarriage at 14 weeks (the heart stopped around week 12 though), and I can possibly relate to some of the emotions that you are going through. I don't know too many women who have had similar situations as me, and while my heart aches for you, it definitely makes me feel less alone. If you ever want to chat, my email is kannsingleton@gmail.com. Hope you're having a great week! And please don't think I'm creepy, haha. I just felt compelled to comment :)

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