Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Traditions!

I really do LOVE me some Christmas!!  Today Amy over at A Smith Story and Holly over at Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally are hosting a new link up called:


As a kid, the Christmas tradition was on Christmas morning us kids were not to go downstairs until my parents said so (they had to light a fire in the fireplace, turn on all the Christmas lights inside and outside, get the cameras ready, etc).  Once we were ready to come down, we were able to walk down as a family into the family room and see all of the presents under the tree!  We then passed out presents and started to open.  Usually it was one present at a time, but with younger siblings, it was more helping them open the presents then open your's sometimes in the middle of them oooohing and ahhhhhing their gifts.  :)  We were never neglected and LOVED seeing everyone's face of excitement and joy in opening presents, even if they weren't for us.  

The first Christmas together of Andy and I living together, we opened presents on Christmas morning.  This was the Christmas that he proposed by having me go on a scavenger hunt for my present.  In the end, my ring was hanging on the tree and he proposed.  I gave him that year a nifty remote control for Christmas (I think I raked it in that year!)

The past two Christmas' Andy and I celebrated by ourselves on Christmas Eve.  Andy always complains that I never want to go to IHop with him, so I promise him that every Christmas Eve that we will go to IHop for brinner and then open presents at home.  I like how we celebrate on Christmas Eve because it's a nice time spent together. 

If you couldn't tell, I LOVE putting my Christmas decorations up early.  I'm talking before Thanksgiving early too.  Andy isn't a fan of it, but how could he squash my excitement for Christmas!  This year was no exception and I really needed those decorations to go up and cheer me up a bit from the crummy year that we've had.  

Our {my entire family} stockings are handmade from my mom.  She sewed each and everyone of our stockings and I absolutely LOVE them!  Even Andy has his own hand sewen stocking hanging from our mantel.  

Our family also has a favorite cookie that is made most years.  It was made more when we were little and are called Christmas wreaths.  Really easy to make (corn flakes, marshmallows, green food dye, red hots).  They are just like rice krispie treats but with corn flakes.  You're suppose to shape them like wreaths but seriously, who has time for that!  Throw them in a pan and eat away!!

This year I am taking Christmas Eve off (this is the first time I will have had Christmas Eve off in I don't even know how long!)  Andy and I plan on spending the whole day together.  I think a movie (Anchorman 2) is in the plans, along with brinner at IHop and exchanging presents.  :)  


Jen said...

I love the homemade stockings, just amazing!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Thanks Jen! They have a lot of meaning to them and always make me smile!

Holly said...

I love Christmas engagements! :)

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