Monday, December 16, 2013

Let it Snow!

What started out as a ice/snow storm on Friday night with an "expected" snow total of around 1-3 inches, came out as 8-10 inches!  Wowee that's a huge difference!!!  

Friday driving home from work wasn't too bad, the sidewalks and untreated areas were starting to get icy, but the highways and side streets were just fine.  I even made a pit stop on my way home to Target.  :)  I wanted to get a new half gallon of milk and you know peruse the clearance section {insert husband eye rolls here}.  Friday night was nice and laid back. For dinner we made homemade pizza and just watched TV.  Andy's neck was bothering him and I decided to give him an early Christmas present.  He received a new heating pad designed specifically for his neck.  He loved it!  I got an early Christmas present too:  a new heated blanket!!  Just in time for the pending snow storm!!!!  
New heated blanket!!

Saturday morning we woke up to a white out neighborhood!  I was up at 6:30 AM with Andy.....what's my deal?  I have this "rule" on the weekends.  If I toss and turn for more than an hour, just get up.  So I got up at 7:30.  We took Keeley outside to see if she would potty {the last major snow storm we had in March, Keeley refused to go potty}.  She surprised us and did really well in the snow.  Andy and I made breakfast together; blueberry pancakes and cheesy eggs.  After eating we put our winter clothes on and started on shoveling the driveway.  This snow was awesome!  It was the best packing snow I've seen in a really long time.  Andy and I had a snowball fight, I lost and swore some of the snowballs were so hard that I was going to get bruises.  Keeley decided that she wanted to eat the snow too.  We got video of it and it was so funny.  The rest of the day was spent at home in the warmth of our home.  We watched the movie "Taken".  I heard it was so good but refused to watch it at night {I know, I'm a big baby}, so we watched it that afternoon.  It was pretty good.  We need to watch "Taken 2" now.  I also watched a cheesy Christmas movie that I had recorded on the DVR, "Let it Snow".  It was actually really cute and I really liked it.  I suggest it, if you like cheesy Christmas movies like me!  :)
Keeley is so cute in her hoodie I made her. 

I love how Smokey just "hangs" from things.
Keeley was tuckered out from all the snow running!

Chicken tacos for dinner!  They came out soooo good!
Watched Kelly Clarkson on Ellen (recorded). LOVE her!

Sunday was shopping day with the mama!  I was excited to see her since I didn't get to see her the weekend before.  Lunch was at Chipotle.  YUM!  I wasn't really hungry but still purchased a kids meal, Cheese quesadilla.  Did you know adults can get the kids meals?  I think it's awesome because it's a perfect amount of food without stuffing yourself. I think more restaurants needs to offer kids meals to anyone who wants one!  We purchased Andy's Christmas present, a new rug for the basement {he already knew what he was getting}.  When it gets delivered, I will post photos.  We also went to Target to just wander around.  I picked up myself a fiber optic Christmas tree for my desk at work.  Really cute!  Puts me in a festive mood!! 
My mom needed an ornament for her work Christmas exchange so we looked around for the perfect ornament and I even found one that I wanted to get her for her tree at home.  I think it was beautiful and I know she really loved it too!  Andy and I went to dinner at Red Robin and picked up some more cat food {Smokey goes through 48 cans of food in 24 days......$45 dollars worth every time}.  But you know what, Smokey is soooooo worth that amount of money.  Especially since it helps him not get bladder infections and pee on my carpet...LOL! That night I watched another cheesy Christmas movie, "Holiday in Handcuffs".  It was cute, but all of those cheesy Christmas movies are cute.  :) 

My mom's new ornament from me.
She texted me a photo of the ornament on the tree and sent the above message. LOVE HER!!
 photo pinksignature_zps1a919a30.png


Jen said...

8-10 inches?!?!! Wow that's a lot of snow.

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

YAY for the new heated blanket and pup snuggles! Looks like a merry weekend to me! LOVE IT! xx

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