Thursday, December 12, 2013

10 Guilty Pleasures

So sorry that I have been MIA this week.  It's been a crazy and hectic one this week and by the time I get home, my laptop is something I want NOTHING to do with after working all day long.  I am also going to post about the new design, but haven't had a chance to finish it up with the final touches.  I can't figure out if I like this one the best or this one.  Do you like one over the other?  If you like the designs, please see Jessica Sims design blog for the free templates that she offers on her blog.  She is so nice and is quick to answer any questions that you may have. 

I've had this waiting up for several weeks now to post in case I didn't have time to post anything and thought I might as well post this now.  :) 

Several weeks ago I saw a post by a fellow blogger Shelby over at Stay Crafty My Friends and I thought what a great idea to post about!  

So here are my:

10 Guilty Pleasures

My iPhone 5!  I LOVE this phone and everything it does for me.  When I went to an android phone I thought it was going to be amazing, but I quickly learned how much I missed the iPhone.  I hate how fast technology moves and the phones get upgraded so fast, but so far (a year and 2 months into using my iPhone 5) I am still happy (except for the wifi issues, but I can live without that since I am using 3G or LTE most of the time anyways).  

Social Media, specifically Instagram and Facebook.  Hands down are my absolute favorite apps on the phone!  I may spend too much time on these everyday, but that's OK.  Whatever makes me happy!  :)  I really need to get going on a Facebook page for my blog, but that will come sooner rather than later.  

Watching "Private Practice".  I am HOOKED right now (towards the end of the 6th and final season) and can't stop watching.  Poor Andy has been sent to the other TV this and last week while I watch several episodes at night....  I know that this show isn't current anymore, but I started it over the summer when nothing was on and am just getting towards the end.  

Diet Dr Pepper with Cherry in a foam cup with crushed ice (could I be anymore specific!?!)  I don't drink much soda, but when I do I make sure it's something that I really like.  :) 

Lion's Choice.  It is my go-to lunch place every Friday (no joke).  Everyone at work laughs now because they know that every Friday, I am going to Lion's Choice for lunch, no questions asked.  :)  

Target!  Seriously, you can get everything from there now (love that groceries are in the stores now!)  I am addicted to their clearance aisles and have picked up many good deals (especially on clothes).  My obsession starts back when I was a in middle school and my friend Ali and I would walk to Target and shop (no joke).  We would walk back with white cherry slushies in our hands.  :)  Memories!!

Shoes.....just ask my husband and he will agree!  I have so many pairs of shoes but I just cant stop.  It's a girl thing and I cant explain it.  It's easier for guy because they can wear the same pair of black dress shoes to work everyday.  Us girls, we need to be cute and look nice and match those shoes to our clothes.  I will admit, I am good when it comes to shoes because I am always going for neutral shoes (black, brown, etc), but I still have too many.  Sorry Andy!

Ice Cream!  I LOVE ice cream, even in the winter.  This time of the year I usual love peppermint ice cream.  It makes me feel festive for Christmas time.  I love custard, ice cream, frozen yogurt, you name it and I love it!

Chap Stick (EOS Lip Balm is my absolute favorite right now) I am addicted to this stuff.  Every night before I go to bed, I apply some chap stick.  If I don't, I wake up with chapped lips (hence, the chap stick...)  I also have to use lotion over the winter on my hands.  With the cold weather, comes chapped hands and in order for them to not crack and bleed, I must use lotion.  

Photography of the people/pets whom I love!  I am constantly taking photos of my fur-babies and am posting them to instagram and this blog.  Sorry Not Sorry for this either since I have no real children (yet) of my own.  I am biased, but I really think I won the lottery in fur-babies!

Since I haven't posted a photo of those cute fur-babies in a while, here you go:

"I will only play with the tree when my people are home.  It drives them crazy!"
Cue squirt bottle once he begins to "play" with the tree.  It's a game to him.

Can we say, "Spoiled!!"
But seriously, this melts my heart!
Every morning (around 30 minutes before my alarm goes off),this is what Mokies does.He curls up next to me and cuddles away with his mama!

Taking the Keeley girl on a walk last week when it was warm.
This morning's high: 10 degrees.  UGH!

 photo pinksignature_zps1a919a30.png


Linnea said...

I love ice cream in the winter too! I have a terrible problem with it, peppermint is my favorite!

Jen said...

Social media is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine!

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