Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I started my day off bright and early for work (good 'ol 5:15 AM always comes too fast when you go to sleep at 9:30 at night).  I decided to pick myself up 2 donuts from QuikTrip for breakfast and a Passion Fruit Iced Tea to drink with my lunch (the meal at work today is Spaghetti, YUMMO!)  

I have a fun day ahead of me.....filling paperwork and cleaning out new office upstairs.  The move to upstairs is going to OFFICIALLY happen on Tuesday, December 3rd!  I am excited to move upstairs, but then again it's going to be so different.  I plan on taking a photo of my office that I'm currently in and then a before and after shot of the new office for you all to see.  :)  Once I move upstairs, then I can decorate the office for Christmas!!!  I decided there was no point in decorating before I moved.  

When I get home this afternoon, it will be a quick stop to Target to pick up several items: hairspray, tater tots (forgot to get these Sunday while grocery shopping) and maybe browse those clearance racks....  I will then get home and start my prep for Thanksgiving and try to figure out something to make for dinner for Andy and myself.  

Last nights dinner was a bust for me, but good for Andy!  I picked up some calzone's for Andy and myself and then we realized there was sausage in them.  I do not know what it is, but I am not a fan of sausage.  I am OK with turkey sausage, but real sausage, I just do not like.  I can pick it out if necessary, which I will do tomorrow morning with the breakfast tater tot casserole, but it's all good.  Andy let me go out and pick me up some dinner for myself.  What did I get?

Panera's tomato soup and Fontina grilled cheese!
I may have had this for dinner two nights in a row.....BUUUUUUUT it's just sooooooo good!

Breakfast will be at my mom's.  I have a tasty spread of the following that I get to devour:  breakfast tater tot casserole, cheese danishes, bacon, scrambled eggs, and beignets.  (I need to get my Joey "fat pants" out!  HAHA! 

Dinner will be at my in-laws house.  The "usual" Thanksgiving items will include: Turkey (isn't it a must to have turkey on Thanksgiving!?!), Ham (because my husband and his grandfather are not a fan of Turkey), cheesy potato casserole, green bean casserole (a request of mine and one of the dishes I am bringing over), corn, and rolls.  I am also bringing over dessert, homemade Apple Crisp and vanilla bean ice cream!!

"Talking" about all of this yummy food is making my mouth water!  I am going to heavily dig into that green bean casserole.....YUM!  

Such a random posting today, but my mind is absent today.  I am at work, but would rather be at home, in bed, cuddling with those cute little animals of mine.


Linnea said...

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you! That Panera looks yummmmy!!!

Jen said...

I wish we had a Panera close!!! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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