Thursday, November 21, 2013

15 Questions with my Husband!

Last week I found someone who posted: 15 Questions with my Husband!  {I apologize in advance to whomever I am borrowing this idea from, I just cannot remember where I got this from last week}.  So, I thought, "How Fun!" I talk about Andy all of the time, let's have him fill this survey out!  :)  So here we go, take it away Andy:

15 Questions with my Husband, Andrew

1. Describe your relationship in three words: Loving, Exciting, Trusting

2. What's your favorite thing to do with Jessica? Sit on my butt and watch TV/movies (will be much better when the basement is done!)

3. What is Jessica's biggest pet peeve? ME! I push buttons for fun... I'm sarcastic and know how to get her going. 

4. What's your favorite meal that she cooks? Hard to choose, she's a pretty good cook.

5. What is your least favorite meal that she cooks? Nothing, she knows what I will and wont eat. LOL

6. A day you never want to forget is: Day we got engaged, I had a blast watching her scramble through the scavenger hunt! Only to have her find the ring, look at me, and ask if I was kidding. 

7. Idea of the best date night: See number 2, might step it up and go to a restaurant and the real movies. 

8. What’s Jessica's favorite movie? Geez I really have no idea, probably Christmas related. Could be "Elf". 

9. Where did you meet Jessica? Best Buy (we worked together at Best Buy.  Her as a Front End Leader of Customer Service and me in the Geek Squad)

10. Where did you and Jessica go on your first date? Movies, we went to see, "The Hangover"

11. If you could travel anywhere, right now, where would you go? Beach, any beach, its flipping cold and I could go for a good beer. 

12. What do you love most about your wife? How much she cares. 

13.How many children do you want to have? 2 at most, we will see

14. What are Jessica's fears? Abandonment. 

15.What do you think about her blogging? I enjoy it, kinda fun to read the stuff that's been posted in the past. 


Jen said...

The answer to #3 is exactly what my husband would say haha.

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