Friday, November 22, 2013

Disney Girl at Heart

Friday, you are my HERO!!  I am so thankful for you to be here.  

Here are the reasons why:

1. Because my husband will be "off call" starting at 12 pm today and he is in desperate need of a break from "on call", especially after the week he has had.  
2. Because I am just plain tired.   Yesterday's rain filled day just makes your day go by that much slower.  This morning its still gloomy out and this weekends highs will be in the 30's.  UGH!
3. Because Thanksgiving is that much closer to be here!!  I am craving some green bean casserole.....I can eat so much of that in one sitting that it's sickening!
4. Because I keep seeing the commercial for the following movies: Disney's "Frozen" and "Anchorman 2" and am dying to see both in theaters!!  
5. A new color of sparkles for my nails today.  Today's color, "Pumpkin Spice" which is gold and red glitter.  I really wasn't much of a fan of how the polish comes out of the bottle.  Either is a TON of sparkles or not much at all.  Very un-even, but it's still pretty festive for Thanksgiving and I can't complain much since the polish cost me a whopping $1!  Now to just figure out what I am going to wear on Thanksgiving day.....  Is it just me, or does the outfit of sweatpants and a hoodie sound nice and comfy.....LOL!

1. Keeley was helping her mama write Monday morning's post posting.  We were patiently waiting for my Coffee Cake to finish baking and decided to write up my weekend recap on the blog.  I thought this photo was extra cute.
2. 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family!!  They released the line up of all the Christmas movies they will be showing throughout November and December and I am sooooo excited!
3. New shoes from DSW came in Tuesday buuuuut I think they are a smidge too small so back to DSW they go and I will order the correct sizes.
4. My house is fully decorated inside for Christmas!  I will do a full posting next week on all of the decorations.  The breast cancer angel ornament was purchased as a tribute to my late friend who died from cancer back in August.  I wrote her name and birth/death date on it.  Now I will have her with me every Christmas for forever.  The sisters ornament my sister and I exchanged to each other.  I think it is so cute!  My sister has claimed the blue hat so that leaves me with the pink hat.
5. Smokey cuddling in the heated blanket.  He was so happy to see his mama pull that out this week.

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Jessi Otey said...

mmm green bean casserole just may be one of my favs as well!! Have a fabulous weekend!!

Linnea said...

Those shoes are really cute! Loving the Christmas decorations!

Jen said...

Super cute shoes! :)

Courtney B said...

Yay for hubs not being bothered from work alllll weekend! We are going to be out of town so there's definitely no way work can get in the way of our plans, yay! Eric is on call 24/7 no matter what (he'll still be on the phone while we are gone, but obviously won't be going in) and it's exhausting! I dread hearing his phone ring!
Look on the bright side... you're getting your veggie quota for the WEEK on Thanksgiving ;)

Jennie said...

I love abc family Christmas movies!! I would love if you would come linkup with me today!

Rachel said...

I sure love some green bean casserole! And I think your nails look cute! My house is also already Christmas-decorated!

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