Monday, November 18, 2013

A Weekend in a Nut Shell

Good Morning from home!  
No, I am not sick.  Unfortunately, my father's mother (my grandmother) passed away Friday morning and the funeral is this afternoon.  My boss let me take the day off (which I am ever thankful for) since the funeral is today and I hadn't been sleeping much all weekend.  I took 2 Tylenol PM's last night  and slept like a rock.  Thank you Tylenol PM!  :) 

Keeley is helping me write this post this morning! 

1. I come home Friday night from work to order some shoes from DSW and both animals want attention! How can you not love that! The love both Keeley and Smokey both show me just makes my heart melt!

2. Also on Friday night UPS shipped me the new cookbook from The Pioneer Woman! Reason why I ordered this, Ree Drummond is coming to St. Louis for a book signing Tuesday night. I did some research several weeks ago and didn't find much information except where it was a what time. Well I did some more research Friday night and find out that it is SOLD OUT! What!?!!! Bummer city dude! If I had known, I would have gotten tickets long ago. :(. So needless to say, I'm totally bumming. 

3. Friday nights dinner: Steak 'n Shake. We have been really horrible about eating out this month....I did manage to get a shake with dinner (water too) but ordered a child size small Peppermint Chocolate Chip Shake.  YUM!!

4. Friday night we also picked up my new Christmas tree from Home Depot!!  We got this one.  Andy helped me put it up on Friday night also.  :) He received many awesome husband points!

5.  Friday night also was spent with cuddling both Smokey and Keeley on the couch once the Christmas tree went up (whew, what a busy Friday night it was!!)

6.  The Christmas tree!!  It still needs to be decorated (which I am hoping to do today)

7.  Campfire (S'Mores) cookies that I made Saturday!  I brought them with me to the wake for people to munch on.  They turned out so good!  Recipe to come this week (it is also posted on my Pinterst page if you are antsy for some yummy cookies to make)

8.  Sunday Missouri experienced some crazy CRAZY weather!!  The high was around 75 degrees with the wind blowing around 30 miles an hour!  Our house never received hail or rain, but farther up north saw this kind of weather.  In fact about an hour or two north of us, tornados touched down.  This photo came from a weather spotter that I follow on Facebook.  

9.  I made this cute little collage of my fur-babies last night.  LOVE them!  :) 


Jen said...

So sorry for your loss!!! But yay for the Christmas Tree!

Linnea said...

Sorry about your loss. Those cookies look delicious though!

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