Tuesday, November 26, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things! {Stocking Stuffers}

What a happy Tuesday it is.  Not only do I have only one more early wake up for work until the 4 day weekend and good eating over Thursday, BUT today is the second installment of These are a few of my Favorite Things!!  Today I am linking up with Elise over at Cheers Y'all and Jen over at Down with the Dearmore's!  Both are such sweet girls and I highly suggest you click over at their pages and see what they are all about AND to see what is on everyone's stocking stuffers list!!  

ONE - EOS Lip Balm holiday pack!  How cute is this 3 pack of EOS lip balm (you can never have enough).  It comes in the following flavors Limited Edition Vanilla Bean, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Sweet Mint Smooth Sphere Lip Balm and you can get it here and in stores at Target.

TWO - Starbucks Gift Card!  You can't go wrong!  You can purchase one here

THREE - Target Gift Card!  {Like you thought I forgot about my favorite store of all!}  You can purchase one here.  How cute is the puppy/reindeer for the holidays also!  :) 

FOUR - Essie Nail Polish in First Timer.  You can purchase that gorgeous nail color here.

FIVE - Tangled on DVD.  What can I say, I am a kid at heart!  You can purchase this here from Target!  {Yeah, I just saved and closed out PicMonkey and then realized, I forgot to add Tangled on my photos.....but it's still on my list and you can still purchase it at Target.  Click the link above}

SIX - How cute is this Merona hat for the winter time?  With me having a big head, this fits great and actually looks cute on me too!  The hat is essential with me walking between buildings at work during the winter.  You can purchase this hat here at Target!

SEVEN - You can have a hat on your list and not have a semi-matching gloves!!  :)  Pink would be the perfect color, but these red one's would do just fine!

EIGHT - I can't forget about the furry one's in my life.  This adorable KONG alligator squeeky toy for Keeley would be just perfect from PetSmart!  

NINE - Of course Smokey needs a new toy too!  How cute are these holiday KONG cat nip mice from PetSmart! Smokey LOVES catnip and goes crazy over toys with it in it.

TEN - Last, but NOT least this fun game for Andy!  He has always loved the Final Fantasy games and this would be a great game for him to play in his new home theater basement!  You can get it from Amazon here.


Jessi Otey said...

It's a must now- I have to try this lip balm! Thanks for sharing! (diggin' that essie color!)

Dawn said...

I have wanted to see the movie Tangled! And the little alligator toy is cute!

Elise said...

Tangled was so cute! That's a good idea!

Courtney @ Southern Class, Carolina Sass said...

I love EOS! I am dying to try the Vanilla Bean flavor!

Nina said...

I've got to try EOS. Everyone raves about it!

Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Yay for fur babies being included!! Thanks for linking up with us, beautiful!!' xx

Rychelly said...

Love that nail color and the hat!!

Jen said...

Yes to gift cards! They are the best. :)

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