Friday, June 27, 2014

Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

There is this commercial on the radio that comes on every morning while I am driving to work and they use the song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" by Andy Williams for their "jingle" music.  This is my favorite time of the year, SUMMER!  I love the warmth, the sunshine, the swimming, the dress wearing, and the not bulky clothes (especially when you're pregnant)! 

 Not only is this my favorite time of the year, but today is one of my favorite days of the week!!!  First, its the last work day of the week.  Second, it signals that another work week is gone.  Third, it means its another week closer to meeting my baby boy!!!!!!  Eeeeee! (That's me getting excited!)

Oh I also need to issue a retraction to yesterday posting about the nursery:
I said that nothing was finished in the nursery that we wanted to get done last weekend (ANDY ARE YOU READING THIS?  LOL!)  Andy did get the white shelf hung on Sunday.  I apologize for my error in not getting my facts straight!  ;)  Haha!

Jen from The Adventures of Our Army Life  asked if she could send me something.  I don't know if I have ever shared this information, but I have a hard time trusting people.  Jen has been a great blog friend and I felt like I could trust her.  So I gave her my address and this is what showed up in my mailbox yesterday.  How cute is this outfit!?!!!!  Andy and I immediately LOVED it!  In fact, its already in the wash getting cleaned so that Baby Boy can wear it when he arrives!  :)  Thank you so so SO much Jen for such a thoughtful gift!  Jen and I even traded phone numbers, so now we are texting buddies!  :)  YAY!!

I want to touch on this more next week, however; my free breast pump came in on Tuesday!  My insurance covers a free breast pump for pregnancy, and I took advantage of it!  I plan on breastfeeding for at least a year and with having to go back to work, this will help my goal!

Keeley is loving the sunshine on her fur!  This is her favorite thing to do in the spring/summer/fall!

I made Andy stop by Sams Wednesday night so that I could get some more apple slices and blueberry muffins.  I picked up some cherries and this HUGE box of cheese peanut butter crackers.  That's 45 packs of those crackers for $5.50!!  SCORE!

I had to save this message between Andy and I.  On Wednesday he was so excited to go to the doctors appointment to she how baby boy is growing.  When I read his comment, my heart did melt just a little bit.  :)  LOVE!!

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Jamie said...

What a sweet gift! It's adorable!

Jen said...

:) I am so glad you love the outfit! He is going to be adorable no matter what though. Have an amazing weekend sweet friend!

Linnea said...

Adorable outfit and such a cute text from Andy! :) Have a great weekend friend!!

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