Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up!

Oh hey, I am still here!  I meant to get this up this morning, but my computer went LOCO and there was NO way I was going to be able to get this posted until this evening.  

This photo actually was from Thursday night, but I had to post a photo of me and my Mokes!  He lets me hold him for about a minute (unless he is being really lovey) and then he's ready to get down and explore. 

  • Friday evening I told Andy I wanted to get a jump start on the weekend chores.  The longer that I am pregnant, the harder it is for me to get just vacuuming and laundry done. That night we vacuumed the main floor and cleaned a good portion of it up.  It wasn't like we were living in a pig sty, however; I really needed to go through all sorts of documents (new car, doctors appointments, baby coupons, etc.).  

  • Saturday we were invited to help celebrate my friend's son's birthdays!  Sam is turning 5 on the 24th and Max is turning 2 on the 26th.  The party was a lot of fun.  Those boys raked it in presents wise and you could tell they had a great time.  :)  I was more than happy to be there celebrating with those 2 boys!  

Sam opening presents

Max and I were playing with his new "Choo Choo"

  • Do you receive Babies R Us flyers and coupons??  If so, check out the new deal they are offering!  I had a coupon for a free Dr. Brown's bottle (8 oz) if you spend $10 more more. I also had a coupon for 20% off item not on sale.  I wanted to get a crib rail guard (so baby boy wouldn't be chewing on wood and paint when he gets older).  I picked this one up. I was able to use my 20% off coupon and get my free bottle for a whopping total of $11.00!!  
  • Saturday evening we went over to our neighbor's house for a BBQ.  We had chicken, burgers, corn on the cobb, cooked carrots and asparagus.  It all turned out delicious!
  • I was exhausted from my day and was asleep by 10pm....lazy bones over here!!  Let's not forget that I got up at 9:30am that morning.  Does that make me sound even more lazy or do I get a pass for being pregnant??

  • On the radio (Y98) this morning DJ kept talking about the "Choco Taco" so I had to get one when I saw them at QT.  I even instagrammed a photo of it and tagged her in it.  I loved that she commented back.

  • My only real "goal" for the weekend was to get some sunshine on my skin (sunblock was also included) and relax in my moms pool and that lasted a total of 10 minutes....we went out to Target and lunch (Jimmy Johns) and literally as we pulled into the garage it started to rain....The storm was pushing to the north/west and kept missing us but there were a couple times where the thunder was too close for comfort, so we spent most of the time out of the pool.  There's always next weekend!

  • I found these at Target for 50% off and thoughts why not, let's try to grow some Basil and Cilantro since my seeds didn't grow.  They also probably didn't grow right because I wasn't watering as much as I should have.....DO OVER!! 

  • Pods all planted and yes I did water them!  Grow herbs, GROW!!

  • Smokey thinks he needs to be everywhere we are, including outdoors.  Where he is, we are a floor up from the ground.  I took the photo and then pulled him away from the edge....such a silly goose.

  • Sunday evening Andy and I went up to bed to watch TV around 7 pm (no joke).....around 8:30 the TV was turned off and 9 pm we were both asleep. 

  • Here Keeley is exhausted also.  She was soooooo sleepy, I couldn't believe it!  

  • Well there you have it, our weekend.  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! :) 

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Jen said...

I hope the herbs grow!!! It's so fun watching that stuff thrive.

Linnea said...

Keeley is so cute! I want to grow herbs, but I know my dogs would eat them. They ate my rose bush!

Sara McCarty said...

So funny! I actually heard some of that Choco Taco discussion on the radio that morning too! I want one! :) What a small world!

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