Monday, June 2, 2014

Baby Registries - Part 1

I thought I'd talk over the next several weeks about Baby Registries.  I decided to register at 3 different places because we have a lot of out of town family and because of the benefits of when your registry is over.  I registered at Target, Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us.  We are fortunate to have all three semi near us and thought it wouldn't hurt to register at all three!  Plus, when your registry is "over" you get a completion discount coupon to use on items that you did not receive.  Coupons are fine with me!

Tips on Registering:

     1.  Do your research!  I researched my heart out on baby items.  I scoured the internet to find reviews on all baby items.  

     2.  Bring someone with you!  It will get overwhelming and having someone with you makes the registering process a little bit easier.  

     3.  Ask questions!  If you are unsure on how to use that product, just ask!!  

     4.  Ask the employees their opinions on products.  Yes, some of the employees have never been a parent, but they sell this stuff on a daily basis.  Ask how often this item is sold or which one is better.  Most times employees will tell you the honest truth!

     5.  Try out car seats in your car before you select the car seat you want to register for.  We have a 4 door car and a 2 door car.  I wasn't worried about the type of convertible car seat for our 4 door car as much as I was for the 2 door car.  We took our 2 door car to Buy Buy Baby with us and the employee took us outside with whatever car seat we wanted to try in our car. She said we could try as many car seats as we would like.

     6.  Take your time!  Don't go and registry when you are rushing and don't have enough time.  

     7.  Put at least 100 items on your registry.  That seems like a lot, but if you are having a baby shower, your guests like choices.  

     8.  Don't feel like you have to put everything on your registry the day you are registering.  We have this awesome option called the internet and you can edit, add and delete items anytime you want.  Plus the internet has even MORE options than the store offers.

     9.  Put items on your registry even if you think they are too expensive.  If you like it, put it on there.  Some people like the more expensive options and if you don't get those items and still want them, you get that completion discount that you can use at a later discount!

     10.  If you don't get a goodie bag at the end of registering at that store, ask for one!  The goodie bags have some great items in them AND coupons!  They are totally worth the process of registering.

Over the next several weeks, I plan on talking about registering at each store (Target, Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us), what was in each goodie bag that I received and some of my favorite products that I have registered for.  So make sure you keep an eye out for those posts!  :) 
Happy Registering!
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