Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy Friday Folks!

Oh Happy Friday folks!  

Every Friday when I get ready for work all I can think of, another week down and another week closer to meeting this baby boy!!!!  This week at work has been a little less hectic, thank goodness!!  I am starting to get caught up on things and I haven't been nearly stressed as I was last week.  :)


New Diaper bag was ordered and delivered to me yesterday!!!!!!  Where the yellow butterfly is on the tote, I put little man's name on there in aqua thread.  Since I am holding off on announcing his name, you will then have to wait and see the finished product.  I will say, I LOVE IT!!  Now to get a changing pad, several zip up bags (to help keep me organized) and to start getting several travel sized items to start stocking the bag up.  YAY!!


Cute pants, right......yeah they are not my friend today!  The band is a short one and it either it digging into my lower stomach area or cutting off circulation around a portion of my stomach and then when I sit down they sit around half way down my butt.....#firstworldproblems  At least I am semi-comfy for work today!


My ghetto rigged backyard set up....yep we are in desperate need of a patio and some nice chairs for the "patio".  I have never spent this much time in our backyard until this year since the basement has been completed and finished and now I am dying to get this patio in!!  The way our house faces we get shade in the backyard after 6pm and it's nice to sit out there and play ball with Keeley.  Notice Smokey in the door wishing he was a dog.....


I am OBSESSED with this show right now!!!!  Where have I been the last 2 seasons while it's been on?  Well I am catching up and watching all of the episodes that I can.  NBC is offered free watching of Season 2 on their website also, SCORE!!


Third Trimester over here!!!!!
I cannot believe that I am already into my 28th week of pregnancy.  I have been pregnant for 203 days and have 83 days to go until my due date!  Say what?!?!!!  You can read my 28 week bump date here.

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Jen said...

I love the tote, it's so cute!

Linnea said...

Happy Friday to you! That tote is super cute!

Les said...

That tote is super adorable! I'm 37 weeks pregnant, and I totally can relate to the frustration with the pants... none of my maternity clothes fit me well anymore. I'm sooo ready to have this kiddo already. ;)

Stopping by from Lauren's link up! Have a great weekend! :)

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