Friday, March 7, 2014

High Five for the First Friday of March!

A whole week of me blogging!  Woohooooo!  I am so glad to be back in action and getting our awesome news out there.  I know I follow many different kinds of blogs out there, but my favorite blogs are the one's about families and babies.  I am so excited to be able to join the Mommy club and finally get to experience this amazing journey that we are on.

Let's give this Friday one BIG HIGH FIVE!!

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Sunday and into Monday Missouri experienced once again another ice and snow storm.  When I got ready to go home last Friday, I made sure to have some work with me so that I could work from home Monday if need be.  I did end up staying home half the day and then went in the last half of the day.  Smokey and Keeley decided that they needed to cuddle with me while I work. How can you say no to these two?


Wednesday after work Andy and I decided to go get some Qdoba for dinner and to go to the pet store.  We ended up getting both the dog and cat some new toys.  The fish even got some new foliage for their tank.  What lucky animals we have!  Just imagine what will happen once the baby is here.  LOL


Our sweet neighbors next door brought over these gummy vitamins and this cute card for us when they found out that we were pregnant.  She said that those gummy vites were the only thing she could handle during morning sickness.  The card is just too cute and it's currently hanging on my fridge right now.


I still love looking at this sonagram photo!  It was taken at around 8 weeks so the baby is a lot bigger now!  Every now and again I will listen to the heartbeat that Andy recorded for me too.  :)


My drive in this morning consisted of a smoothie and the sun in my eyes.  The smoothie is mixed berries, some yogurt, a handful of spinach, some white chocolate protein powder and milk.  It's a good way for me to get in some calcium, vegetables and protein.  The sun in my eyes is annoying.  Looking forward to daylight savings time on Sunday so that when I drive in on Monday morning next week, the sun will be nice and high and people will be able to drive again!!!

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Karli | September F A R M said...

if that's how you treat your pets…that baby! you're going to make it rain!!! congratulations! showing some linkup love! welcome to the mommy club!

Ali said...

Woot! Friday!

Jen said...

Yay for Friday! I am sure looking at every sonogram will be an amazing feeling for you. :)

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