Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weeks 5 - 12

I have some catching up to do on the blog since I waited so long to announce.  So here it goes, I apologize in advance that this posting is long!

Week 5 Bump Update
How Far Along: Week 5 (Saturday, January 4th)
Size of Baby: According to BabyCenter, baby is the size of a sesame seed
Total Weight Gain/Loss: unknown, I kind of just don't want to weigh myself right now
Maternity Clothes: Saturday I ran out of clean jeans so I wore a pair of maternity jeans just because I needed some clean clothes to wear.....haha!  But otherwise none since I am not far along at all.
Gender: unknown
Movement: none
Food Cravings: anything warm since it's so cold out!  
What I Miss: sleeping in!  Sounds funny but I can't sleep in anymore on the weekends.
Sleep: Out by 9 pm (grandma time) and am in and out of sleep from 4 am to  5am on weeknights. Weekends I can sleep until 7 am and then I am done with sleep.  No more sleeping in till 9 or 10 am anymore.
Symptoms: very moody and exhausted at all times of the day!  I have major road rage, but it could also be due to stupid people driving in the snow.  Also the woman at Quest Diagnostics REALLY made me mad on Wednesday the 8th.  That story will be left for another day.
Best Moment This Week: Having the doctor finally call me Tuesday (blood draw was Friday) and give me my HCG and Progesterone levels.  127 and 27.  He said they look great so far! Second blood draw was on Wednesday, 8th and number were given on the 9th.  HCG and Progesterone: 1980 and 33.9!!  Doubling every 30 hours!  
What I Am Looking Forward To: The Ultrasound appointment on Wednesday the 15th!

Week 6 Bump Update
How Far AlongWeek 6 (Saturday, January 11th)
Size of BabyAccording to BabyCenter, baby is the size of a lentil
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I weighed myself so now I have a "starting weight" to go from.  I will say that after my miscarriage last year, I put on a good 5 pounds and never lost them, so I am starting higher than I'd like to be at, but its OK. I can handle it.  I plan on trying to get in workouts but not making myself crazy from needing to workout at all times.
Maternity Clothes: none
Gender: still too early
Movement: none
Food Cravings:  nothing.  Nothing tastes good.  :( 
What I Miss: Food tasting good
Sleep: Good until I have to go to the bathroom and then my brain wont shut off.
Symptoms: my bladder is hyper active now getting me up anywhere from 1-3 times a night now
Best Moment This Week: still having symptoms, so that's a win in my book.
What I Am Looking Forward To: another ultrasound to be scheduled for next week, however; due to work scheduling conflicts, we move it to the following Wednesday. It is scheduled for Wednesday the 29th. I have no good news from the ultrasound on Wednesday the 15th.  All they could see was a yolk sak and asked me to come in the following week for another ultrasound and an appointment with the doctor.  This appointment was just the ultrasound. Honestly, I think the doctors office messed up because I had only an ultrasound scheduled on Wednesday and the doctor was shocked that I was not meeting with him.  I'm not very happy at this moment right now, but am trying to remain positive and optimistic.

Week 6 (PART 2) Bump Update
How Far AlongWeek 6 (Wednesday, January 15th)
Size of BabyAccording to BabyCenter, baby is the size of a lentil
Reason why you see Part 2 in Week 6:  By the ultrasound sizing looks like I didn't ovulate at the normal time period of "14" days which I knew because I was temping.  So when I charted, I noticed that I ovulated on the 19th day which puts my "due date" 5 days later.  If that makes sense....

Week 7 Bump Update
How Far AlongWeek 7 (Wednesday, January 22nd)
Size of BabyAccording to BabyCenter, baby is the size of a blueberry
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -2 pounds (I have an appetite, but cannot eat as much.  I get full really quickly now)
Maternity Clothes: none (thiiiiiiiiis close to maternity pants for work because of bloat, but opted not too)
Gender: unknown
Movement: none
Food Cravings:  none, food still doesn't taste good.
What I Miss: nothing
Sleep: I finally learned to sleep walk to use the potty in the middle of the night and go right back to sleep....LOL!  It's a sleep saver, that's for sure.  :) 
Symptoms: a little bit of morning sickness, sore, TIRED
Best Moment This Week: 3 day weekend!  Monday we were off due to MLK day so an extra day of relaxation, sleep, and fun.  :) 
What I Am Looking Forward To: 2nd Ultrasound on the 29th.  I should be 8 weeks that day and hoping to see a heartbeat and a healthy baby!!

Week 8 Bump Update

How Far AlongWeek 8 (Thursday, January 30th)
Size of BabyAccording to BabyCenter, baby is the size of a kidney bean
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 0 
Maternity Clothes: none, but using the clever hair tie trick on my work pants to give me a little bit more room  :) 
Gender: I'm thinking girl, of course Andy says boy.
Movement: none
Food Cravings: no real cravings yet
What I Miss
Sleep: OK until I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and sometimes I can't fall back asleep.
Symptoms: exhaustion and morning sickness
Best Moment This Week: Seeing the baby on the ultrasound on Wednesday the 29th!  The ultrasound technician saw the heart beating right away (154 BPM), we saw where the brain was developing, and the baby looked great!!  It was the best news to hear after waiting 2 long weeks to see the baby.
What I Am Looking Forward To: 12 week Dr appointment to hear the heartbeat and ease my mind just a little bit

Week 9 Bump Update
How Far AlongWeek 9 (Thursday, February 6th)
Size of BabyAccording to BabyCenter, baby is the size of a grape
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -2 pounds 
Maternity Clothes: none
Gender: unknown
Movement: none
Food Cravings: puffy cheetos sounded great and tasted even better
What I Miss: not being sick, this morning sickness really likes to kick you in the rear
Sleep: great one night and then really sucky the next, Sunday night I was up from 2 am-3:30 am just thinking and tossing and frustrating
Symptoms: morning sickness and exhausted
Best Moment This Week: is it bad to say nothing?  I am just happy that things are still progressing well and I cant wait till February 26th for my 12 week appointment to hear the heartbeat!
What I Am Looking Forward To: no longer being sick and hearing the baby's heartbeat

Week 10 Bump Update
How Far AlongWeek 10 (Thursday, February 13th)
Size of BabyAccording to BabyCenterbaby is the size of a kumquat
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -4 pounds (I'm just not able to eat a lot.  I do get hungry, but can only eat a little bit before I get full)
Maternity Clothes: None, just the rubber band trick with my work pants (which works like a charm I might add, thank you Ali for telling me about it)
Gender: I say girl, Andy says boy
Movement: none
Food Cravings: Tuna Fish Salad Sandwiches (Penn Station has the best and I filled my craving on Thursday evening) (yes, I am trying to not eat a lot of tuna fish either, just had a hankering and needed to fill that craving, haha)
What I Miss: feeling normal and not sick all of the time.  Week 10 started on Thursday and BAM morning sickness hit me like a mack truck down a highway.  
Sleep: getting better.  I am getting use to going to the bathroom and going right back to sleep, rather than thinking too much.  I did pick up a body pillow from Target for myself since I know I won't be able to sleep on my stomach much longer, and it was too fluffy.  So I am using an older body pillow right now that is a bit flatter and doesn't make my leg feel like its levitating above the mattress.  Smokey is loving the body pillow too.  He wedges himself in-between myself and pillow and is in HEAVEN!!
Symptoms: morning sickness with vengeance, but that's ok because I then know that things are still going good with the baby.  Grow baby grow!
Best Moment This Week: Valentine's Date with my Andy to Dewey's Pizza!!  Also, with my last pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage, I got to day 78 of being pregnant and then received the devastating news that I had lost the baby.  I am happy to report that day 78 of this pregnancy will fall on February 15th, this upcoming Saturday, and I am not experiencing any bleeding or spotting!
What I Am Looking Forward To: Week 13 when I am in the second trimester! Or is week 14?  I don't know.  

Week 11 Bump Update

How Far AlongWeek 11 (Thursday, February 20th )
Size of BabyAccording to BabyCenterbaby is the size of a green olive
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -2.5 pounds (gained 1.5 pounds in the last week)
Maternity Clothes: none except for the rubber band trick on the work pants.  
Gender: I say girl, Andy says boy
Movement: none, still too early
Food Cravings: nothing really.  I am starting to slowly feel a bit better lately too.  Here's hoping the morning sickness is almost over.
What I Miss: Sleep!  My nights are sometimes good with sleep, and other times just AWFUL!!  I also get up every night at 3:30 AM to use the bathroom.  No joke.
Sleep: please read above
Symptoms: sleep is rough this week
Best Moment This Week
What I Am Looking Forward Tothe doctor's appointment (12 week checkup) on Wednesday 2/26!!  I cannot wait!

Week 12 Bump Update

How Far AlongWeek 12 (Thursday, February 27th )
Size of BabyAccording to BabyCenterbaby is the size of a lime
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -4 pounds 
Maternity Clothes: still the rubber band trick on the work pants
Gender: I say girl, Andy says boy. 
Movement: none, too early
Food Cravings: puffy cheetos and tuna fish sandwiches, if I could eat that for lunch everyday, I'd be a happy lady!!  But, I can't since I have to limit my tuna intake, so just a can a week is what I am limited too.
What I Miss: not feeling sick.  After my doctor appointment on 2/26, they drew 4 vials of blood and I was hungry.  I then started to get hungry and we were stuck in traffic on our way home. That meant a crabby wife who was super sick to her stomach last night.  We picked up Jack in the Box for dinner and I couldn't eat more than 3 bites of my chicken sandwich.  
Sleep: hit and miss.  I am usually getting up one time a night to use the restroom and most times than not, I end up tossing and turning for 2 hours till I fall asleep or when my alarm goes off.
Symptoms: morning sickness, not sleeping as well, fatigue is getting better but not up to par yet, and starting to show a bit
Best Moment This Week: hearing the baby's heartbeat!  I had Andy record it so that I could listen to the recording whenever I want.  It's such a sweet sound to hear.  Also, it was a sense of relief to hear that heartbeat considering with the first pregnancy at 12 weeks is when they couldn't find a heartbeat.
What I Am Looking Forward Toannouncing the pregnancy to everyone!  We told family yesterday and are waiting till next week (Monday 3/3) to announce to the world!  
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