Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring is in the air!

Oh how I hope I just didn't jinx the weather in St. Louis, but it really does feel like spring is in the air!  I hope spring stays for a bit and then summer comes when it's summer time.  :)  

Also, if you didn't see, I am day behind in getting my Week 14 - Bump Date out.  So I put it up bright and early this morning.  Click above on the link to read it. 

ONE - 
I have been wanting to grow some cat grass for Smokey and found these seeds at Target yesterday!  The pot I found at Michael's in a "grab bag" for a whopping $1 I think.  Right now the seeds are hanging out, outside in the pot and going to catch some rays the next 2 days.  I need to remember to bring that pot in on Saturday night though.  We are expected to get rain/snow on Sunday.  BOO!

TWO - 
First dress of the year!  I have worn dresses 4 out of the 5 days this week!  I feel so much more comfortable wearing dresses right now, rather than wearing pants.

Maternity leggings!  The regular leggings I have were starting to dig into my stomach and I hated the feeling.  So I went out and used my Target Cartwheel coupon (40% of maternity bottoms) and picked me up a pair of Maternity leggings.  They are soooooooooo comfy!  In fact, I am wearing them right now. 

Andy and I went to Kohl's on Sunday and found these adorable Finding Nemo toys for Baby K! We were originally only going to get the Squirt toy, but then we needed to spend just $5 more dollars to get the $10 Kohl's Cash, so we got the Nemo toy also!

The start of Baby K's blanket/quilt that I am making.  I think it is going to come out so cute!!  :) 

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Ali said...

Baby K's blanket is adorable!

Jen said...

I love the blanket, super cute!

Jenna Guizar said...

That quilt looks AMAZING. Make me one next?! Ha... And that Target coupon is a SMASHING deal! Glad to have found you at Lauren's linkup. ~Jenna // A Mama Collective //

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