Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 13 - Bump Date!

  How far along: 13 Weeks

Baby Size: As long as a pea pod or the size of a peach

Weight gain: -4 pounds

Maternity clothes: I am thiiiiiiiiiis close to needing to move over to maternity pants, but am really just trying to hold out as long as possibly.  The rubber band trick on the pants is the best thing EVER!

Stretch marks: None so far.  I did order some belly balm from the Honest company (OK really I ordered it through who had a good deal on it.  2 jars for $17.99!!  This stuff is normally $15.99 a jar) and I am waiting for that to ship out.  It says it will be shipped out by 3/7.
Sleep: Nothing consistent as far as sleep, some nights good, other nights not so good.  I really try to go to bed early on the weeknights.  If I fall asleep anytime later than 9 pm, it throws my sleep off until the weekend when I can catch up again.
Gender: Unknown at this time, but we are going to find out!

Movement: None, just because it's too early still

Best moment this week: Finally announcing that we are pregnant to the entire world.  I was sooooo nervous to do so, but once I did, I felt better.  I have a personal facebook account and was amazed at how many people were so excited for us.  :) 
Looking forward to: warmer weather hopefully coming soon?  Wishful thinking going on right now?  I am SO sick of my weather clothes AND they are starting to not fit so well anymore.  I know I am too early for maternity tops, but these cardigans are not fitting that great.

Food cravings: still Mexican food, we had some on Saturday (Chevy's) and it was the most I had eaten in months!  
  Anything making you queasy or sick: Raw hamburger meat, I made Andy brown the meat the other week because it made me sick to look at and touch.  Chicken from Qdoba, we went there for dinner the other night and I ate a 1/4 of the quesadilla, took one look at the chicken of my other 1/4 of quesadilla and I just couldn't eat it anymore.  String cheese just didn't work that well for me either the other day.  
Labor Signs: Nothing and that's a GOOD thing!  
What I miss: Diet Coke...I took a sip of my mom's the other day and it tasted like heaven!  LOL!  For now if I drink soda, it's either Ginger Ale, Root Beer, or Sprite.  So weird to drink calories!
Symptoms: exhaustion, queasiness to certain foods

Nursery: once we find out the gender, we will be all over the nursery!  We moved the guest bed to the new room (smaller) and now the nursery is empty with various things left over in it.  We are getting a crib from my brother since his kids have out grown it.  Once it gets warmer Andy is going to sand down the teeth marks and refinish it a bit.

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Mood: Depends on the day.  The other day I was super crabby for no reason.  When I'm crabby, I try to just stay quiet because I don't want to say something that I will regret (at least at work that's what I do, my husband would say something different for at home...haha!)

Workouts: HA! You are funny there!  No seriously, I would really like to get back into working out, or at least nightly walks around the neighborhood with the doggy.  COME ON SPRING!!

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Beth Ann said...

Give into the maternity pants. They are sooooooooo comfy!!! ;)

Jen said...

You are seriously so adorable!!! :)

Ali said...

You look GREAT in that pic - don't even know what you were talking about last night! Grow baby grow!

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