Friday, March 14, 2014

14 Week - Bump Date!

  How far along: 14 Weeks

Baby Size: The size of a lemon, 1.5 oz

Weight gain: -3 pounds (up 1 pound from last week)

Maternity clothes: Still none.  With the weather getting warmer, I've been able to wear dresses 3 times this week!  I've been wearing regular leggings, but I don't think they are going to cut it for very long.  Maternity leggings, here I come!

Stretch marks: None so far! My Honest Company "Belly Balm" should be here today!  It took over a week for FedEx to send it from Las Vegas to my house.....the package must say, take many days for this to travel to Missouri.  HA!
Sleep: Some nights good, other's not so good.  Monday night sleep was AMAZING!  Tuesday I felt like a new woman and then Tuesday nights sleep, whomp whomp...  My goal every night is to have the TV turned off at 9 pm and to try to go to sleep since I get up so early.  Most times it works.
Gender: Would you all be shocked to find out that we know?!?  LOL!!  I plan on sharing the gender next week.  I'm thinking on my birthday is good day to share.  :)  We thank modern medicine and the fact that a simple blood test for chromosomes tells us the gender now.

Movement: None, but can't wait!

Best moment this week: Finding out baby K's gender!  It was a day of phone tag with the doctor, but we did find out!
Looking forward to: warm weather sticking around!  This week has been nice except for yesterday (big winter coat and gloves were required).  

Food cravings: nothing.  Nothing sounds good and nothing tastes good. Meh.
  Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing in general makes me sick, its just my taste buds like NOTHING!  We made breakfast for dinner last night and I made some cheese scrambled eggs to go with dinner.  They looked so good!  2 bites in and I couldn't eat them.  They did not taste good at all.
Labor Signs: Nothing and that's a GOOD thing!  
What I miss: Craving foods!  Sounds really weird to say, but NOTHING sounds good and pretty much NOTHING tastes good.
Symptoms: still a little morning sickness and hormones are taking ova!  I cried my eyes out Monday morning over guilt of nothing sounding good for lunch and Andy kidding with me about going out to lunch for a 5th day in a row.  He really was kidding but I didn't take it that way.  Luckily the work lunch was hamburgers and I can stand them so no money went out the window for lunch that day for me.

Nursery: time to start picking out the colors for the nursery!  We picked up some color cards but now I am second guessing the it's back to Lowe's for more color cards!

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On!  In fact, my ring is "twirling" around my finger too much this morning that I took it off to type this.  That happens a lot in the winter.

Mood: HORMONES!!!  I've been pretty weepy this week!  I think I could cry at a drop of a hat...

Workouts: I did manage to get a walk in with Keeley on Monday and it felt great!  Tuesday we didn't, Wednesday it was too cold.  Today I am going to attempt to walk again with her since the high is in the 60's today.  NO EXCUSE!!

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Mrs. K said...

You already know?! So exciting. You are looking great! It is nice to be pregnant in the spring/summer just for the fact that dresses are flow(y) and a little cooler than clingy clothes.

Ali said...

You're so cute. Why the heck didn't I wear more dresses when i was pg?

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