Monday, September 16, 2013

A Mizzou kind of weekend

How was your weekend?  Mine, was awesome as usual, but went by way too fast.  The weather did finally cool off a bit on Friday and we even saw some rain on Sunday {WOOHOO!}  

Friday - The ever fun night was filled with taking both cars to Dobbs for oil changes and tire rotations.  I know, I know, please hold in your excitement for that!  HA!  The night was also filled with an evening walk with Keeley and TV watching, a usual for us.  The photo to the right is of me sitting in the parking lot at Dobbs waiting for Andy.  He picked me up on his way home.  After my car was finished with the oil change, we dropped his car off and had it serviced also.  It is the easiest way to get both cars taken care of at the same time.  I also had a coupon for $17.95 oil changes!  I love saving money, I just need to stop spending it...

Saturday - I slept till 10:30 AM without a sleeping pill and it felt great!!  I guess I really did need to catch up on some sleep.  I then spent the morning/afternoon cleaning the house and getting laundry completed.  I was on a mission because I was spending my Sunday in Columbia, Missouri seeing my brother Jack.  We had the windows open the whole day, it was nice to finally air out the house.  Dinner that night we met up with Andy's parents at Dewey's Pizza.  It was delicious as always, I expect nothing less of that place.  Of course I could not forget to post photos of my fur-babies up!  Smokey decided to take a nap in Andy's dresser.  So funny!  There is Smokey and Keeley enjoying some fresh air with the windows open.  Keeley decided she needed to enjoy the a car ride this weekend.  This was when we went to pick up Andy's car at Dobbs Saturday morning.  She is too funny!

Sunday - That morning my parents, sister, brother and I went out to Columbia, Missouri to Mizzou to visit with my brother Jack at college.  We ate lunch in the cafeteria that is connected to his dorm {I can see why it's called the Freshman 15.... they have so many choices of food, all you can eat at that too!}  The food actually wasn't too bad either, I choose a grilled cheese, a small serving of french fries, a side salad and some chocolate chip cookies.  I wasn't expecting anything fancy from the grilled cheese, I took one bite of it and holy cow it was so good!  The perfect amount of crispness to it!!  Yes, I cannot believe I am that excited over a grilled cheese!  We took a nice LONG stroll around campus (around 7500 steps were counted on the FitBit just for our tour).  We then took Jack to get some groceries, another pair of tennis shoes, and out to dinner at Shakespears Pizza.  Being the good wife I am, I brought home a huge pizza for the husband!  :)  In all a great day spent with family.  
1. On the road again, this time to Columbia, MO
2. Joe in the car playing on the gameboy
3. Woohoo, were almost there!
4. Jena being silly
5. My dad, Jack and Joe hooking up a printer in Jack's room
6. Me sitting on Jack's bed.  It was so high up, I don't know how he jumps up on his bed everyday like that.  It showed how old I am getting!
7. Me and the sister
8. Jena and Jack figuring out how to open Jack's mailbox
9. How many people does it take to open a mailbox?  Answer: 5!  LOL

1. Joe and Jack
2. Joe, Jack and me
3. Joe, Jena, Jack and me
4. Mom, Joe, Jena, Jack and Dad
5. Jack taking us on our tour
6. The Mizzou flag above the president's building
7. A cool etched Tiger in the bookstore
8. Me and Jena in front of the tiger that she really really wants {It's only $250.00}
9. Me on the tour

1. Jack and me
2. Joe, Jena, Jack and me
3. Jena, Jack, and Joe
4. This building is a memorial to WWI.
5. My mom with her new Mizzou Mom sweatshirt
6. Me in front of the Columns
7. The Tiger Stadium!
8. Me and Jena at dinner
9. Pizza, it's what's for dinner!


Linnea said...

Looks like a great weekend. My hubs went to Mizzou. I haven't been there, but would love to visit!

Jen said...

I love your pictures, looks like a blast! :)

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