Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall was here this weekend

What a fantastic fall weekend it has been around my house this weekend!  You can't beat a weekend filled with amazing weather (highs of 75 degrees) and windows open.  It was nice to get some fresh air flowing in my house.  I even got a compliment from the Jimmy John's driver that my house smelled good.  I wasn't even burning a candle or cleaning at that moment.  I guess that means that we are not smelly people, LOL!  

Friday - dinner was the ever lovely PB&J.  Sometimes you just want a PB&J for dinner and that's OK by me.  :)  The rest of the evening, like always, was spent watching TV and relaxing.  I did manage to get in a quick walk with Keeley also.

Saturday - my sister was attending her first ever school dance, her Freshman homecoming.  I was so excited for her.  I went over to my parents house to help her get ready, but before she got dressed and we fixed her hair, we watched some old home movies shot by my dad.  It was great seeing all the old videos of us kids younger.  I have a bunch of photos I took on my good camera, but haven't downloaded them yet.  Once I do, I will post them on here.  For now, you will have to do with an iPhone camera photo.   My dad was the drivers for some of the 12 girls who met up for photos and dinner together.  My Mom and I joined my Dad for dinner at Applebee's (we didn't want to leave him alone) and then I was back at home by 8:30 PM.  I am such a wimp when it comes to late nights now.  Sad, but true!  

1. This is me 4 years ago in Las Vegas at the Bellagio hotel garden (TimeHop app)
2. My beautiful sister
3. I LOVED her dress!  It was gorgeous!
4. Me and my sister.  She is so beautiful!!

Sunday - as you all know, at least one weekend day is spent cleaning.  Sunday was my cleaning day.  Laundry and picking up (no vacuuming yet, the drywall is being put up in the basement and it's pointless to vacuum when drywall dust is being brought upstairs constantly over the the weekend).  My plan is to vacuum tonight after work.  I decided that I wanted a couple mum plants for my front porch and to decorate the front porch in my Halloween attire!  So planting and decorating I did!   :)  I also decided to trim our front bushes down.  It was well needed!  We grilled dinner that night (burgers, corn on the cobb, and potato packets).  I spent the rest of the evening finishing up laundry and watching the Emmy's.  
1. My mom made a new recipe that I am going to review for you all.  It was so good!
2. My first ever PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) = AWESOME!!
3. My Halloween pumpkins on my entertainment center
4. My "before" fall decorations
5. My "after" fall decorations!  I love it!

My Halloween doormat and Smokey dying to go outside!

My orange Halloween lights all lit up at night!


Jen said...

Yay Vegas haha! :) I am so ready for fall weather.

Ali said...

Front porch looks great!

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