Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bad yogurt

In an effort to keep up with my healthy habits, I decided to just eat a yogurt for breakfast.  I noticed that the lid was slightly puffy of my Chobani Flip Peach Pistachio but I thought no big deal, it hasn't expired yet, in fact the expiration date is no where near what today's date is {I know better}.  I sat down and began to eat my yogurt.  First bite in, it tasted fizzy {seriously, I know better now...} but thought to myself, no biggie, you don't want to waste your money.  I ate the entire yogurt {so stupid}.  While perusing I found a tiny link saying "Chobani Yogurt Recall".  My heart sank and my stomach began to hurt.  I clicked on the link and read. 

If you all haven't heard by now, Chobani has "voluntary" pulled some of their yogurt off store shelves because of customer complaints. Here is what website says:

Update as of 9/3/13 6PM:
Our thorough investigation has identified a type of mold commonly found in the dairy environment. The product in question is less than 5% of our production and is limited to products produced at our Idaho facility, which accounts for only one third of our production capacity.
Update as of 8/31/13 at 12PM:
Here at Chobani, nothing is more important to us than the quality of our products and the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Recently, we heard quality concerns surrounding certain products, which were experiencing swelling or bloating.
We’ve been diligently working with our retail partners and have voluntarily and proactively removed and replaced the majority of potentially affected products with the code 16-012, expiration dates 9/11/2013 – 10/7/ 2013 to ensure our fans are met with only the best experience when enjoying our products.
In order to deliver upon our very rigid quality standards, we ask that if you’ve purchased products with these code dates to contact our Customer Loyalty Team directly at so we can coordinate replacements. Please know that we apply the same standards of excellence to our customer service as we do to our products and can assure you great care within 24 hours or less.
We’re committed to crafting only the best-tasting, highest-quality yogurt made with only natural ingredients, which means all of our products are free of preservatives. As we continue along our journey to provide better options to people everywhere, we thank you for your continued support. Without you, Chobani simply wouldn’t be possible.
I did email chobani and let me know that I had several yogurt cups with that code on it {I had several more of these at home and several at work}.  I am waiting to hear a response, but I know it will take a bit after seeing all of the angry customer comments.  I looked up Chobani on facebook and became horrified at the amount of complaints and comments towards Chobani.  After reading everything, I became more worried about the yogurt I had just consumed.  The part that disturbs me the more, that this tiny comment from Chobani was issued on 8/31/13, 5 days later it becomes more public knowledge!
Well knowing me, I went to Target yesterday after work {no surprise there}.  I was picking up several items and stopped by the yogurt to see if any Chobani remained on the shelves, and what do I find, more of those Chobani yogurts that were recalled.  What!?!!  I thought Chobani contacted all of the stores they sold to, to pull those yogurts with the code.  So I let the cashier know to tell his manager to pull those yogurts!  Ridiculous!
Ok let's move on, last night we also decided to "celebrate" Keeley's "birthday"!  LOL.  I picked up some Frosty Paws and a new toy for Keeley {so spoiled, I know}!  I even took her on a long walk around the neighborhood, but that is nothing special, it's something we do every night.  And what kind of blogger would I be, not getting photos.   HAHA!


Taylor Jeavons said...

Yikes!! I'm always terrified I'll eat something is recalled :( Hope you don't get sick!

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