Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap #10

Good Morning to all!!  I had every intention on posting a Five for 5 on Friday, but never got to it.  Let's start this week off right, and get a post in for everyday!  Annnnnnnd go!

Friday - 
So boring the life I live, I swear!  I got out of work at 2:30 pm because I had to stay for a meeting that went an hour over on Thursday.  Can we all say, "Darn the luck!".  My pants/shorts are starting to get a bit tight, but nothing too bad.  So, I am beginning my long and not so fun search of maternity clothes....I know that these days that maternity clothes are a lot better than they use to be, but the cheep-o in me has no desire to pay full price for a pair on maternity shorts when it's almost August and let's face it, those shorts will go on clearance soon (at least I am hoping that they will)!  I went to Old Navy and I will have to say, I am very thankful that the Old Navy closest to my house does have a maternity section, it's just not the greatest selection and not that great of prices.  (Again, I refuse to pay full price on maternity clothes).   Decided to hold off on purchasing and went home bummin.  Dinner was homemade pizza.  The taste of homemade pizza is just the best!

Saturday - 
Got up, made some blueberry biscuits from Pillsbury (can you say YUM!!) and started to watch some TV.  Decided around 10:30 AM to get going on some cleaning.  Vacuuming, laundry and mopping were on the agenda.  I am happy to report, all was completed by 12 PM.  :) I met up with my mother-in-law, Lynn for some shopping.  Andy and his Dad, Tim met us at the house for some dinner.  I also should mention, Saturday was Tim's birthday!  Dinner was steak, potatoes, salad, corn on the cobb, and fruit.  Dessert, ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!  If they could put in a bowl that fudge and cookie crunch, I would be in heaven.  Maybe even add some whipped cream and a cherry on top!  :)  

Tim's new smoker !

Sunday - 
My day started with some laundry switching over and then a shower (thrilling....) I picked my mom and sister up for some shopping and lunch.  I am A OK with that! ;)  Lunch was at Jason's Deli (soooooooooo good!)  It's basically an awesome salad bar with FREE ice cream.  (Yes you read correctly, FREE ICE CREAM!!!!)  I was all over the swirl (vanilla and chocolate) in a cone with a side of dark chocolate sauce....(mouth watering at the moment). I could have eaten 2 cones, but I withheld the urge. :)  We went to Babies R Us for a present for my cousin's baby and let's face it, I did some browsing myself.  My sister decided we needed to get 2 "My Favorite Aunt" bibs.  Too cute!!  After shopping I was pooped!  The couch was calling my name and I was OK with that.  Dinner was the ever awesome, grilled hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and a side salad for myself.  

How Smokey sleeps next to me in bed.

New rug for the front door!

Smokey's "new bed" HAHA!!


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