Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Recap #9

I'm back to the blog and boy am I happy to be back!  I've been trying to keep with with everyone else's blogs lately, but have noticed issues with Blog Lovin' and commenting on your blogs.  I promise though, I am keeping up!  :)  I also apologize for not getting this out to you all yesterday. Yesterday was a really rough day at work and I was in no mood to blog last night, in fact you guys wouldn't have wanted me to write because I was being Negative Nancy....it's a new day, right!?!!  (Sometimes I wish I could let things go, but I can't...only time will turn my frown upside down)  

My weekend recap starts off with Friday (I'll recap the rest of my trip to Michigan on Wednesday).

Friday - 
We decided to drive home from Michigan on Friday morning.  We left around 9am and decided to stop for lunch in Ft Wayne, Indiana.  Reason being, there was a Quaker Steak and Lube there (Andy's favorite wing place!)  Normally we can only get these wings in Wisconsin, so stopping in Indiana for a favorite for Andy was well worth it!  I ordered a side salad (gotta get my veggies in somehow) and we ordered a compact bucket (24 boneless wings).  Of course we took home left overs and Andy was happy.  :)

Love the twisted up straws!

My wings: Dusted Tex Mex Ranch
Andy's Wings: Dusted Mango Habanero

We got home around 6:30 PM that evening and we were so so happy to finally be home.  Dinner that night, we decided on ordering Papa Johns.  I was more than OK with not cooking.  The rest of the night was spent on the couch, catching up on the TV shows we had missed over the week.

Saint Louis!!!  
(I never thought I'd be so happy to see my home!)

Saturday - 
I'll be honest, not much was done that day besides a trip to Target to get a couple things, including milk.  I spend a long time on the couch watching TV on Saturday and was happy to do so.  I think the travel finally caught up to me and I was exhausted.  I wasn't feeling too well and needed some rest and relaxation.  Pretty boring day, but good for me.  I did manage to get out and take Keeley on a walk.  She was a happy puppy!

Please ignore the awful photo of me, but notice Keeley will not leave our sides since we came home.  :)  

Sunday - 
Yep, another boring day besides the shopping trips and spending more money than we had planned....ha!  First stop, Best Buy for the Pebble Watch for Andy.  He has been dying to get this watch and it the Best Buy near our house just happened to get 1 pebble watch in and he happened to grab it!  He is so very excited for this watch.  What a nerd!  Second stop, Home Depot.  We picked up some Weed and Feed for the yard, some spray paint for a project I have in mind for the baby room and to check out some paint colors for the baby room.  I thought I totally had the idea of what color I wanted for the room and then I got to the paint color swatches (all hundreds of them...) and now I am confused on what I want to go with.  Third stop, Michaels for some frames and I realized that I did not know the exact dimensions of the prints I needed framed.  Fourth stop, Dierbergs for some groceries for the week.  They featured some "home grown" fruits and veggies and we picked up several items including: corn on the cobb!  We grilled some corn along with steak and the meal was just so so SO good!  The corn was so sweet and good!  I can't get out enough how much I loved the corn on the cobb.  :)  Desert was frozen yogurt!  YUM!!!  Brownie batter and root beer float froyo was so worth it!  The rest of the night was spent on the couch watching more TV and being lazy!  We did get in a short walk with Keeley before the rain moved in.  

Brownie Batter froyo with chocolate caramel turtles
Root Beer Float froyo with white chocolate chips 
Some Rainbow sprinkles and a drizzle of caramel


Jen said...

We love Quaker Steak and Lube, sooo good!

Samantha @ Life is But a Stream of Thoughts said...

All of that food looks so delicious! Yum! I can't wait to get some good ol' American food soon!

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