Friday, July 5, 2013

Recap of our 4th of July!

Oh how the alarm clock went off way too early this morning!  Gotta say, I was not a fan of it going off.  Oh well, just need to get through my day and the weekend will be here!! :) 

My 4th of July started with sleeping in.  WOOHOO!!!  I've got to get my sleep in whenever I can, just wish my body would be able to "store" the sleep so I don't get so sleepy all of the time.  

Andy decided to head over to his parents house to help fix the leak in their pool.  Turns out, it was a 3-4" inch tear in the liner.  They had to drain the pool, patch it and then start to re-fill the pool.  I went over to my parents house to swim at their house.  My mom and I went out to lunch at Firehouse subs, our first time ever eating there.  I decided on a simple salad (just lettuce, tomato and provel cheese).  So very plain but it was so very good and that is all that matters.  We went shopping at the mall and I got some awesome deals on some shirts for the winter time.  We then went home to soak up some sun!  

Once Andy and his dad finished repairing the tear in the pool liner, we met up to go to the downtown fair and fireworks show.  My brother was working that night (all of the city cops had to work on the 4th) and it was pretty neat to see my brother in uniform.  I had never seen him in uniform and it made me proud to see him.  We decided on dinner at the fair and settled on a tent that was selling hamburgers, hot dogs and brats (I mean, it's impossible to screw up one of those things grilling......or so I thought.)  I chose a cheeseburger and it was cold.  I'm talking not even a little warmth to it, just plain gross!  I am not the complaining type when it comes to my food, but seriously  you cannot sell cold I went up to ask for another cheeseburger because it was cold.  I kind of got a glare from some not so happy people but I didn't care.  Next cheeseburger, cold also.  I gave up.  My dinner consisted of a small bag of Doritos and some rainbow Dippin Dots......Andy kept trying to get me something else to eat, but the cold cheeseburger did me in and I was done.  

We ran into my sister in law, nephew and niece also!  That was a nice surprise.  Jackson was so excited that he got to see FredBird!  There is even an adorable photo of Fredbird and Jackson giving the thumbs up!  I really need to get that photo because it was just so gosh darn cute!!

We spent the rest of the evening people watching.  Very, very interesting with what people choose to wear clothing wise.  Some of the people I had to just shake my head at and question, "Why??"  

It was decided that we will watch the fireworks from where our car was parked and then as soon as those fireworks were over, throw the chairs in the car and get the heck out of the parking lot as soon as possible.  Uh yeah, not so much!  We moved about a mile in 45 minutes.....big mistake.  It was grid locked and people are cutting one another off and driving on the sidewalks (I kid you not).  We finally got moving (thanks to the awesome driving of my husband that evening, I was wiped by the time we got into the car and started moving).  We were home around 11:10 PM last night and I went straight to bed since I had to be up at 5:30 AM......

It turned out to be a pretty amazing day, spent with some amazing family!  You can't go wrong there!!  This weekends plans: date night tonight (Friday night); Saturday is to clean the house, laundry and maybe some pool time; Sunday, probably the usual shopping and getting ready for the work week (may have to throw some more pool time in on Sunday also).

Here is a preview of what our date night is including:
I am sooooooo very excited to see this movie!!


Jen said...

Looks like an amazing 4th! Yay for sleeping in that's always the best part. :)

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