Thursday, July 25, 2013

Michigan travels

We hit the road to Michigan around 9am Tuesday morning.  We didn't want to leave super, duper early since it is such a long drive up there.  10 hours north, here we come!

I want to say that this is in the middle of Illinois somewhere...

Andy driving, he started out driving for the day.  I took over a couple hours later.

We decided to pack sandwiches for the car so that we were not eating so much fast food.  I was driving and Andy decided to make my sandwich "fancy" with a face...LOL!  I had to get a photo of that.  What a goof!!

Were in Michigan!!
Andy's Aunt Pat lives on a lake in Michigan so an hour after we got there, his cousin Adam took us out on a boat ride!  I was OK with that!!

Andy's second cousin, Olivia or as we call her, Liv.  She made a new best friend in me that night.  

Andy on the sandbar in the lake

Me again

Liv is "cleaning" her hedgehog with lake water.  Haha!

Toes in the water, toes in the sand!!

Ha!  A photo of us in the water!!

Me and Liv on our way back to the house.

Sunset on the lake

Big Boy's!  I haven't eaten at a Big Boys in over 15 year's I'd bet!  We had it for dinner one night while we were up there.

The photo from our wedding of Andy's parents, Tim and Lynn and his grandparents, Al and Judi.  I was ever so glad that Grandma was there for our wedding, just wished she would have been there for the birth of her great-grandchild.  Here's hoping Grandpa still comes up for Christmas and to see his great-grandchild!

I posted this on instagram, but on our way to Grandma's gravesite, there was a horse and buggy on the other side of the road!!  How many horse and buggy's do you ever see?  I think this was my first one ever!  Andy didn't think I would have been able to get the photo, but I was determined!!

On our way to the luncheon after the funeral.  Lake Erie is right there.  On the other side of Lake Erie is Canada!  That's how close we were to Canada.

The view from the place we had lunch at!  How fun is that!  I wished it wasn't so hot because I would have loved to walked out on the pier and see the boats go by!!

Homemade ice cream!  I got the coffee ice cream with caramel so good!

On our way home, we drove through Indianapolis, Indiana.  
From the highway you could clearly see Lucas Oil Stadium!
I am not a huge football fan, but it's pretty neat to see how big that stadium is!

Not a football fan, BUT I do know that the Indianapolis Colts play there!
Yep, I'm impressed with myself that I knew that.  I swear I did not Google that to find out for sure!  :)  Scout's honor!!

So, that's my trip to Michigan.  Unfortunately, I forgot my good camera, but at least I had the iPhone to help document my trip.  35 hours total in the car for 4 days.  We were exhausted but glad we could make it up to pay our respects to an amazing lady.  She will be missed and loved!


Jen said...

Glad you were able to see some family, I haven't been to Michigan is years. My dad was born and raised there.

Laura Darling said...

Wow that is one long car ride! Looks like you had a great trip though! Love the smiley face on the sandwich! :)

Sara Wisdek said...

Michigan is beautiful place for such like beautiful people as i can imagine the value of your smile hope you have best travel of your life don't forget to get metro airport taxi while you are at Detroit metro airport or in any part of Michigan.

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