Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

Sorry for the delay in this post, I haven't had much motivation to get going on this post.  It's probably because Andy came home late Sunday night from his weekend in Wisconsin and all I wanted to do on Monday night after work was lie on the couch with Andy and catch up on our TV shows.

Friday - Spent the evening with my brother Jeff and his kids, Jackson and Claire.  Love, love, love those babies!! :)  It was a cold, rainy day (around 50 degrees) and the Cardinals were home for the 5th game of the NLCS Series.  Jeff is making dinner and Jackson says to me, "Lets go to the Cardinals Game".  I tell Jackson, "It's too cold and the game is sold out buddy".  His response, "I have a hoodie I could wear!"  So cute!  We played and had a good time.  I was glad I got to spend some time with them.  Both kids decided to sit on my lap and we took a bunch of photos together, I think they turned out great.  Lots of great memories documented.  I would like to comment that my phone is a piece of crap....I have one more month to go until I can upgrade and I cannot wait.  So I apologize in advance for the quality of these photos.

 This is my favorite photo of the night!!  I cant believe I got a decent photo of all 3 of us!!

I absolutely LOVE Jackson's face in this photo!  He thought I was being so funny!

Saturday -  Girls days with my mama and sister Jena.  Spent the day shopping, eating and just having a good time.  Oh and yes, I have already started Christmas shopping!  We went and saw the movie, "Pitch Perfect".  I really liked it.  It wasn't my absolute favorite movie, but it was good.  I loved Anna Kendrick's voice in this movie and Rebel Wilson is absolutely hilarious!!  Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy are my favorite actress' right now.  A big thanks goes to my Dad, JP for getting up on the second floor of my house and putting up the piece of siding that fell off awhile ago and cleaning the window with the mud ball that was thrown up there in the spring.  A weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that, that is done.

Sunday - Pumpkin Patch Day!  I had my mom, dad, sister, brothers, and Aunt Nancy over for breakfast.  I made my cheese danishes and my mom made scrambled eggs and sausage.  I meant to take a photo of the breakfast but by the time we ate, I was too hungry and lazy to take a photo.  The cheese danishes are time consuming, but so delicious!!  The whole family (except Andy, he was still in Wisconsin, sadface) went out to the pumpkin patch.  Even Aunt Nancy went out with us, which was great because I enjoy being with everyone, just wished Andy was there with us.  We took a hayride out to the field to pick or own pumpkin.  Jackson and Claire LOVED the hayride!  Let me tell you how hot it was, I think the high was around 84 degrees.  I was in shorts and flip flops.....not fall weather at all!  Andy came home late that night and we learned that Keeley is a pretty good guard dog.  She was thrown off guard with Andy coming home so late.  He was gone from Thursday to Sunday.

How cute is he!  I love this photo of him!

My sister Jena and my Aunt Nancy

My brothers Jack and Joe

O'Hara and Claire

Claire playing in the corn box, she loved it!!

Jackson on the pony ride

My Mama and I!  Love her!

There was a great photo of my Aunt Nancy, my sister Jena, me and my mama, but my camera is stupid and it didn't save the photo.  I'm sad that photo didn't save because it was a great photo of all of us!  

New digital camera and cell phone are on the list of needing soon!

I hope every one's weekend went well, and as usual they go by wayyyy too fast!



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