Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Recap

Here's a quick recap of my weekend:

Friday Evening: 

I had every intention of lying on the couch and doing nothing and plans changed.  Our neighbors invited us to a bar to watch game 5 of the Cardinals game.  While I had fun, I was so exhausted.  By Friday evening, all I can think of is lying in bed and doing nothing but watch tv and sleep.  I know, i'm pathetic.....  Great game though!  So glad I decided to go watch it because it was really entertaining, especially towards the end!  Bad news though, I didn't run like I was suppose too......Andy suggested we move it to Saturday.


I woke up at 11am and felt super guilty.  I could have been doing so many other things than just sleep, but oh well.  I needed a good nights sleep.  I decided that if I did all my normal weekend chores (vacuuming, any left over dished in sink/dishwasher, trash from all bathrooms, clean up misc items all over the house from that work week, and the dreaded laundry), that I could rest and not do much on Sunday.  So off I went with chores and got them all done.  Laundry was half way done, so go me!  :)  I finally found some curtains for our living room at TJMaxx.  I'll post photos once Andy gets them up.  We also had dinner with his parents, Tim and Lynn at 54th Street Grill.  YUMMO!!


I woke up with an annoying cough....not sure where I got it from.  I went out with my mom and sister for our usual Sunday:  lunch, Target and grocery shopping.  Love Sunday's when we spend time together and have girl time.  Andy made me grilled cheese and mater (tomato) soup for dinner which was very sweet of him.  Finished up the remainding laundry and watched tv.  I watched the movie, "Friends with Kids".  It wasn't too bad, predictable, but not bad to watch. 

Boring weekend, but it's the best kind.  As usual the weekend goes by too fast and our work week starts again!  Here's to another fast work week and a nice relaxing weekend, next weekend!

Oh and also, GO CARDS!!



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