Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nail biter

Oh what a nail biter I am.  Yes, it is gross, I realize this.  It is a REALLY hard habit to quit, especially since I have been nail biting since I can remember.  I hate it, it's just that annoying habit that I constantly do.  The car is the worst when it comes to nail biting.  There are so many stupid people out there and it's just pure bordem.  I've tried stopping many times, but always end up biting them several months down the road.  Maybe this time I will make it stick.  :)  When my sister was little, I told her, "You will NOT bite your nails" over and over and you know what, she does NOT bite her nails.  What a good big sister I am!  :)

I made a deal with myself last week.  My deal was, if I stop biting these nails, that I would go out and purchase some good nail polish to make my fingers pretty.  I use to just purchase the nail polish that was 99 cents at Walgreens.  Nothing wrong with it, just wanted to upgrade my nail polish and hope that it will help me stop my digusting habit. 

Here's to stopping my gross habit!



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