Wednesday, October 10, 2012

C25K - Day 2

Today was day 2 of running the Couch to 5K.  I came home from work and immediately changed into my workout clothes.  I knew if I didn't change, I wouldn't get the motivation to work out.  I waited for Andy to come home from work around 5pm and nagged him until he finally got changed to run.  Yup, I was that wife today!  :)  We ran/walked the 2 miles in 32 minutes.  A bit slower than the first day, but we were both a bit sore from the first day of training. 

I had NO desire to make dinner after working out so off to Taco Bell we went for dinner.  Yes, not a good choice, but I did think about what I was going to eat and I think I did well. 

He's what I ended up with:

Half of a Chicken Quesadilla (2 slices, split with Andy) - 260 calories
Chicken Fresco Soft Taco - 150 calories
Small Tortilla Chips with Guacamole - 302.5 calories
Water: 0 calories
Total:  712.5 calories

Looking at the tortilla chips with guac, not such a good idea, but I've been really good lately about eating, so I guess a little splurge won't hurt too much!  :)  I'll just be more aware the next time we go to not get the chips.  Total for the guacamole in calories is 35 so that isn't too bad, its the chips which are fried.  :(

Here is what I normally would get at Taco Bell:

Whole Chicken Quesadilla - 520 calories
1 Hard Taco Supreme - 200 calories 
1 Cinnamon Twist - 170 calories
1 Large Mango Strawberry Fruista - 300 calories
Total:  1190 calories

So I cut 477.5 calories from my normal meal to my new diet meal, so GO ME!  :)

We also walked around Walmart for about an hour last night too, so my exercize for the day was really good! 

Tomorrow, I plan on walking the dog around the neighborhood.  Not over extensive, but better than sitting on my butt all day!  I've got to let my muscles rest a little bit so I don't over do it.



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