Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We moved into our home in September 2011, on October 23, 2012, we FINALLY picked out and hung drapes in our living room!  About time, right!  :) 

It was a really hard choice to pick out curtains for the living room.  Our kitchen cabinets are dark, dark brown, the countertops are brown and beige, the kitchen wall color is chocolate brown.  The living room is a bit lighter than the kitchen color and we have a beige couch and black and brown swirl rug.  So do we go with color for the curtains or just go neutral and how neutral, dark brown, light brown, black, you can see there were many decisions to go off of.  Another reason why it took so long, the cost of curtains!!  Holy moly can they be anymore expensive??  I found one day at TjMaxx a set of 2 curtains for $19.99, a deal if you ask me!!  The curtain rod was $19.99, and it wasnt gaudy looking either!  Score!  In all the total cost of curtains and rod was $80.00 total.  A lot, yes, but were covering 3 windows here.



Yep, we went with a cream color, but nice and inviting.  It ties the living room and kitchen together really well.  In fact when I came downstairs this morning, it was odd to see curtains in the living room!  I think we could use 2 more curtains up there, but I'm afraid it will make the rod too heavy.  We shall see though.

Kudos goes to my husband for coming home yesterday from work and just deciding to put the curtains up!!  :)  He did a great job if you ask me. 

Enjoy your day!  The high here is suppose to be 87 degrees!  It's summer weather all over again!



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