Friday, October 19, 2012

Lunch Date

Yesterday, Andy and I decided to have a lunch date.  We hadn't had lunch together in a while during a work week and decided to join up together and eat at our favorite pizza place, Fortel's Pizza Den.  Delicious!!!  It's right by Andy's work and only a 15 minute drive for me.  We met up at 11:30 for lunch and it was soooooooo good as usual.  The atmosphere is very sports themed and the service is excellent!!  I cannot rave enough about how great the employees are who work there.  I have never experienced anything wrong since we started eating there 2 years ago.  Good job Fortel's!  :)

We always get the following:  A 10" cheese pizza, beer battered cheese sticks, and a side salad for me.  I cannot explain how good the cheese sticks are, yes they are fried and not good for you but delish when eaten in moderation.   We had leftovers and since my friend Judy at work was so nice to me the day before when I was having a rough day, I brought her back the remaining pizza and cheese sticks.  She was in heaven since her lunch was not up to par!

The delicious cheese pizza!

The cute cups you get from there.

The beer battered cheese sticks!!  Sooooo good!

This weekend should be a good one!  The Cards won last night, which means, they are one win away from going to the World Series again!!  '12 in '12!!  So excited for them.  I wore my Cardinals VS Pink hoodie today to work to cheer them on, yes we can wear stuff like that here!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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