Tuesday, October 9, 2012

C25K - Day 1

I came home yesterday determined more than ever to start the Couch to 5K challenge.  At work I made a mistake by only eating a salad for lunch.  A salad with just carrots and tomatoes in it, no protein.  Well my body wasn't so happy with me after a couple hours because my blood sugar decided to drop like no other.  I became shaky and just didn't feel good.  Before I left work, I had half of a Chobani - Vanilla Chocolate Chunk yogurt.  Why half you ask?  Because, its a big container that has 2 servings to it.  Can I just add that, "Oh my goodness this was SO DELICIOUS!!!!"  I had my doubt's but was it ever delicious!!  If you are a sweets fanatic like me, go out and try this!  I think my ice cream love has just turned over to Greek yogurt!  Fine by me, its healthier and really tasty!! 

When I did get home after work, I still didn't feel good after eating the yogurt; but I wanted to get my first day of running in, so my husband and I split a protein shake.  That made me feel 100% better.  The run went well with us.  He downloaded the Couch to 5K app and had it on his phone.  The apps tells him when to run and walk and I would follow along with him.  Only twice did I think I was going to die.....OK that's an exaggeration, but man it hurt!!  My lungs were burning and my legs felt like blocks of concrete.  I kept myself going by thinking about the show, "Biggest Loser".  I kept telling myself, if they can do it, then I can.  It helped having my husband running with me because it kept me motivated to keep going.  We were all over our neighborhood, hills included.  Our total mileage was 2 miles in 30 minutes.  So about 15 minutes per mile. Slow, yes, but good for my first day!!  I couldn't believe we went 2 miles!!!

Today is a day off from C25K, but I plan on walking Keeley around the neighborhood after work and we're going to Sams to shop, so we will get some walking in there also. 

I'm also being very cautious on the amount of food I consume at each meal along with the nutritious value in it.  Yes, I know that every meal wont be perfect with nutrition, but I am making a cautious decisions on how much I eat also.  My thoughts are split everything in half except for veggies and fresh fruit.  My drink of choice:  water.  Lots, and lots of water!!



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