Friday, January 2, 2015

Welcome 2015!

2015 is officially here and I just cannot believe it! Yesterday I enjoyed the day with Andy, Luke and of course the fur-babies. Nothing too fancy since we both have to work today. 

New Year's Eve we spent the low-key evening of dinner at White Castles (Andy picked it up and brought it home because it was too cold to go out), cuddling on the couch with Luke (who ended up zonking out in my arms for a 30 minute cat nap around 4 PM), watching a movie ("Tammy" which was ok but we didn't finish it. It had some funny parts, but I was getting bored with it and I was tired) and going to bed before midnight (I lasted until 9:30 PM). I think in the last 5 New Year's that I have spent with Andy, we have never stayed up until midnight....LOL! This year of course because we have an infant. 

He zonked out around 4 pm in my arms, it was so sweet.

Hey, there's Smokey!

He loves this ball! He only wishes that he could put it in his mouth easier.

Couch cuddles with mama!

Andy and Keeley

Keeley OUT

I did manage to wake up at midnight though and only because people in my neighborhood were shooting off fireworks. Every "boom" sound I was praying that Luke would not wake up. Thankfully he didn't and slept through the noises! We had a middle of the night feeding at 3:30 AM and then immediately back to sleep until 6:45 AM. I got up with little dude. Changed him and let him play in his rain-forest bouncer. I cannot believe how big he is getting! Just a month ago he could barely hold his body up in that bouncer and now he is flat footed on the floor and playing away comfortably on it.

We ended up running some errands. I drug Andy to the Carter's outlet with me. I had a $10 off coupon to use and it expired on the 3rd. I ended up picking Luke 6 pairs of jammies, a onesie, a pair of pants and a light jacket up for $24! That was a deal! I think the jammies came out to being less than $3 a pair which is awesome and totally worth it. You can't get Carter's jammies used at Once Upon a Child for less than that!

We then drove around to different car lots looking at cars. We have finally come to the conclusion that Andy's little orange 2 door car is just not cutting it for us. Plus the longer we keep it and drive it, the more is depreciates. So were trying to figure out what to go with. We really want an SUV, but our price range and what's out there used is just not going to be in our favor. The SUV's that are in our price range are really beat up and not well taken care of. If the outside isn't taken care of, then how hard did they drive that car? So right now were just trying to figure out that whole car thing. I don't want to jump into anything that doesn't feel right, so were just taking our time and going to figure something out. 

Holding his bottle

Look how long he is! He is about to outgrow this bouncer already!!

Best photo of me and Luke!
I was able to get him to smile so quickly for this photo.

I got the taggie blanket out for him today, he loved it!

Luke also thinks the taggie blanket tastes good.
Oh hey there cute little family of mine!

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Jen said...

Here is to a fantastic 2015 for you and your family!! :)

StephTheBookworm said...

Look at all those smiles! He is really so cute.

You got a great deal at Carter's! Wow!

SuperLux said...

Aw, so cute. What a great way to start the year. To be surrounded by people you love. :)
Have a blessed 2015!

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