Thursday, January 22, 2015


Anyone else have the Usher song "Confessions" in their head after reading that title? Anyone? No? OK, I'm weird, It's alright. I admit it! :) 

I'm not going to lie, I am kind of excited that I came up with this idea for a blog post today. 1. Because I got this idea at 2 AM while feeding Luke. 2. Because it's a new "original" idea I came up with all on my own. 3. Because I am pumped to write it. I have like 8 drafts going in my box, but today I just want to write something new and post it.


1. I've been eating awful lately and can tell that some of my food choices have not been settling in my stomach very well. Yesterday's lunch: spaghetti, corn, side salad and bread. Yesterday's dinner: McDonalds (Big Mac meal)...and I wonder why my stomach isn't feeling great.

2. I'm craving donuts but didn't stop this morning because I ran out of time. That's seriously the only reason why I didn't stop. Otherwise I would have and felt even worse about myself.

3. I've been purchasing my doTerra oils from Amazon.....ugh! I know, I shouldn't but I cannot commit just yet to doTerra or Young Living! I do love the doTerra oils but the deal Young Living offers for their Sign up Premium Kit you cannot beat the price on it! A diffuser and 11 essential oils for a cheap price is a plus on my list. I'd also really like another diffuser because I like keeping the one we have in Luke's room to diffuse lavender at night. 

4. I have a FitBit (had the FitBit One since November of 2012) but am anxiously awaiting my new FitBit (the FitBit Charge HR) so that I can start working out again. I am waiting to workout because I want my new FitBit....that's just sad. P.S. It should be here today!

5. I hate it when anyone likes to say anything negatively about the size clothing my son wears....I've heard it all but the worst is that he was called "stocky" which is far from the truth! He currently wears 9 months and is getting close to wearing 12 month clothing. He's only 4 months old. He's not chunky, or stocky, or overweight at all. In fact his weight for his age is in the 68th percentile. He's just tall people! 

6. I do my makeup when I get to work. I could wake up that extra 10 minutes early to put the makeup on, but I don't. People get smoke breaks, I get put on makeup breaks. 

7. I'm addicted to caffeine. I got off the caffeine band wagon over a year ago and now I am back on it. A morning cup of coffee and more times than not, a Diet Coke in the afternoon. I wish I could stop, but the over night feeding(s) take a lot out of me.

8. I started Luke on solids. Insert horror face! We began with rice cereal on January 1st and sweet potatoes on January 19th. Formula just wasn't cutting it and he was more than ready to eat off of the spoon. He has never once had a problem eating off of a spoon. 

9. I also began to put rice cereal in his bedtime bottle. Yup, I'm that mom! 

10. I wish it would just snow. If it's going to be cold, then gosh darn it, let it snow! I saw that Texas has received more snow than in some parts of Alaska. What is going on with this world?

11. I am not liking the iPhone case I purchased for my iPhone 6. It's already discolored and is only 2 months old. I get that I use it everyday, but the pink color is just plain gross now on the phone. I picked this case up and wouldn't suggest it if you want it to stay a pretty pink color. I just want a case that is pretty, that won't turn an ugly color, doesn't cost and arm or a leg, isn't the size of a "Zack Morris brick phone" (the case) and really protects my phone. Why is that so hard to ask for?

12. I'm ready for Ikea to open here in St. Louis, but know that I am probably going to have to take a day off work just to be able to go to the one here in St. Louis. It's going to be PACKED on weekends for quite awhile I am betting.

13. I need a vacation but we will probably not be able to go on one again this year.  While I am sad about it, I am glad I have my Luke! :)

14. Has anyone caught the tv show "Whalburgers"? I did several weekends ago because nothing else was on and you know what, that show is kind of funny. I even set the DVR up to record it because sometimes there's nothing else to watch.

15. I am also hooked on the "Challenge" shows on MTV. Always have been and was a huge fan of Diem Brown's. Unfortunately, Diem lost her battle with cancer in November and last night was her last ever showing on MTV. I cried and it made me so sad to think someone who had such a big heart (at least that's what we saw on TV) had to lose their life like she did.
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Jen said...

I have been eating horribly lately too, once I get back home I will get back into a routine.

Deneene said...

Hi Jessica. I'm a doTerra WA and was reading your blogpost. There is an amazing special going on right now that doTerra is offering. Basically, if you enroll to be a Wellness Advocate by Saturday, place a $100 LRP order and another LRP in February, you get a $100 credit to use after both of those orders ship. LRP is kind of the same thing as a monthly auto ship that you can change every month and cancel at any time. Please let me know if you want more information on anything or even are just curious about doTerra. I absolutely love the company and their products. I use them on my whole family including my 5 year old daughter and my 1 year old son. Anyway, just wanted to let you know about that awesome deal going on right now. My doTerra site is if you want to check it out. Also, if you enroll, I can get you a Spa Diffuser for free. Just a little added incentive for you :-) please feel free to email me at if you're interested. Hope you can get some sleep tonight.

Linnea said...

I love this post, I might have to borrow your idea. I have been using Young Living Oils. I diffuse them at night to help with my allergies. My eating too has been terrible lately.. I swear next week I am getting back on the healthy train! Luke is so cute... sorry people say dumb things!!!

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