Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

Yes I am late on getting this done, but better done than not at all! :) 

Christmas Eve started out interesting to say the least. We knew Luke would have to go to daycare that day, but since Andy still had 4 hours of vacation left to use (his work is use it or lose it) and I didn't feel like working the whole day, we worked a half day. We all got ready for work and pulled up to the daycare. Right when we were getting out of the car, the daycare lady came out to let us know that they were opening at 7am and not 6am like they always do. Cue frustration! In a quick decision, I decided that Luke was going to come to work with me for 4 hours. He didn't sleep that well the night before so I knew the car ride would knock him out for a good 3 hours. Plus some of my co-workers didn't get to meet him yet, so this was a perfect chance to meet him.

Luke did great while we were at work. He slept until 8:30am and then gave his million dollar smile to everyone for a good hour. I was able to rock him to sleep and he took a little nap until 10:30am. My boss happened to just come in so she got to play with him for a little bit and then we were off to pick up Andy at 11am at work.

A bottle and then a nap. I was impressed that I was able to feed him and get him back to sleep at work! 

Soooo comfy in his carseat and his Nemo blankey
Mommy and baby at Mommy's work

We then were off to Red Robin to have our Christmas lunch with our friends Nick and Laura who came in town from Wisconsin. I am soooo glad that we were able to find a little time to meet up with them. We miss them so terribly much and wish we lived closer to each other. 

We then packed us up and headed over to my mom's for our Christmas celebration. I helped my mom out with cooking some of the dinner. We decided on ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, and salad. It all turned out great and tasty!

We then dove into the presents. Jackson and Claire were itching to open up those presents! It was so cute! I can't wait till Luke is old enough to understand Christmas also. 

Luke received several fun jammies and outfits from Grandma in size 9 months. Thankfully we received these just in time because he fits perfect in 9 months right now. He also received a Baby Einstein Discovery Music Table. Luke loves music and light up toys, so this was right up his alley! 

Special thanks to my mom for hosting such a special Christmas for us all! 

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Jen said...

I love how alert he looks! :) Such great photos!

StephTheBookworm said...

Aw, how fun that he got to go to work with Mommy!

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