Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why I'm Returning my FitBit Charge HR

Oh FitBit Charge HR, I am so disappointed in you. My husband and I were thrilled to hear about the new line of FitBit's coming out that calculated your heartbeat also in conjuntion with counting steps, stairs, etc. 

For Christmas of 2014, Andy and I decided to gift each other with a new FitBit but we had to wait until FitBit released them. Finally in mid January we could order the FitBit's. I used FitBit's clever sizing chart and determined to get a size small. I had about an inch of extra room for the strap and thought it would fit just right. I hate it when watches "flop" around on your wrist. My husband had to order an extra large. Our wait times were 1-2 weeks on the small and 6-8 weeks for an extra large. 

My FitBit arrived on Thursday, January 22nd and I was so excited! My husband tore open the package and we immediately set it up. I let it charge before allowing myself to wear it. The charging process only lasted an hour and I began to put my FitBit on. I had to use the 3rd to the last hole on the strap and even that was tight. I tried to put it on the 2nd to last strap but I couldn't use to strap holder to hold down the strap so I was screwed using a strap that was too tight! I wore it anyways and slept with it on. The next morning I woke up to a sore wrist and had to wear the FitBit on my other hand. 

All day Friday I had the FitBit on and was starting to get use to the idea of having this device on my wrist 24/7. Saturday I decided that I was going to get my exercise on get hit my goal of 10,000 steps. We walked around Lowes, I took a neighborhood walk with Keeley and Luke and even hit the treadmill that night to get my goal of 10,000. I then realized that I was so close to my stairs goal of 10 flights. So up and down I went on the stairs in our house. It took me 2 times of going up and down to get 1 flight of stairs on the FitBit which I thought was rather odd. It was NEVER hard for me to get my stairs goal since I have a 2 story house and my office is on the second floor and you can only use stairs to get up there. My husband then said you have to move you arms when going up and down the stairs for the FitBit to count the flight. Odd I thought but moved on. That night I was so sore and down right exhausted and couldn't figure out why since I only walked 10,000 steps....but none the less I figured it's because I am really out of shape.

Sunday I took it easy but still was able to put in decent amount of steps in. While I was brushing my teeth I noticed I was at 4,860 steps. Shoot that's only 140 steps away from 5,000 so I figured I'd walk around my house to get 5,000 and then it hit me. I could just "sway" my arm back and forth and get my 5,000 step goal for the day.....and IT WORKED! I was cheating but didn't care because I was just experimenting on how this FitBit works. 

Monday I put the FitBit on and began my day of work. I was up and down the stairs several times and was really concentrating on moving my arms while going up and down the stairs and even while just walking regularly. After a while I started to get annoyed at how much I had to concentrate on my walking. I shouldn't have to work so hard to walk around. It should just count my actual number of steps, flight of stairs, etc. I talked to my husband about how un-happy I was becoming with my FitBit and he did some research and found this


Charge HR will count your steps when you are pushing a stroller or a shopping cart because we do want to give you credit for this activity. That said, because your hands are not moving, your step count will be lower during this activity.

I was quite frustrated at this fact because I just had pushed a stroller around Lowes and the neighborhood with Keeley on Saturday. I then remembered how tired and sore I was on Saturday and realized that I bet all the steps I put in pushing that stroller weren't counted. I am betting I walked a good 15,000 to 20,000 steps that day.

That right there was the straw the broke the camels back and I was set in my mind to return my FitBit back to them for a refund and just stick with my FitBit One. There was nothing wrong with it and if I hated the FitBit Charge HR so much, why keep it! I had actually emailed FitBit on Friday to get a replacement. Monday I still hadn't heard a thing so I emailed them again. Monday afternoon, still nothing; so I tweeted them. Nothing. I then tweeted for a second time and finally got a response at 10pm asking what was wrong after I had asked that they just direct message me. During my 1am feed I asked again for them to direct message me and I receive the response, "Can you please share it now?" What part of DM me do you not get. I was mad and just figured I'd call them in the morning.

I called this morning, got my return information and cancelled Andy's Charge HR (it was on back order for 6-8 weeks). So now I am having to wait until they receive the FitBit for a refund. UGH! I fully plan on sending this out tomorrow morning in the mail and getting my refund as fast as possible.

I will say, I do love my FitBit One and am wearing it today. I am just irritated with this new technology that just doesn't work right. I was suggested by a co-worker to wear it on my ankle, but why would I spend the extra $20 for a heart rate monitor when it won't work on my ankle. Just remember to DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST! If you log into FitBit.com and go to their community page, you will see lots of pros and cons and see first hand if this is the right product for you or not.
Note: I was NOT asked to review the FitBit by FitBit personally. All thoughts and suggestions are based on my own opinions and personal experiences with FitBit.com. 
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Jen said...

I have been on the fence about the fitbit, I have heard both good and bad things.

Sara McCarty said...

Oh boo! I actually just got the FitBit Charge (not the HR version) for myself for my birthday and haven't had any issues like this at all. Actually, I find I'm having the opposite problem. It's counting "steps" for things that aren't steps, like bouncing the baby and patting her back and rocking with her in the glider. WHAT? I'm racking up steps like crazy, but totally don't deserve them. Hmmm.

Andy Vernier said...

Ive owned the fitbit charge hr for one week now. At first it seemed great. Then I noticed when I push my mom in her wheel chair or pushing a shopping cart it wasn't counting any steps. The last two days I spent walking for an hour and it gave me credit for 40 stairs when I didn't walk any. Im becoming very frustrated with this, and think a cheap step counter you clip on your pants might work better for much cheaper. So I cant walk with my hands in my pocket since my arms wont move enough to counts steps. I thought my legs were whats walking, not my arms. Ugh ! Andy

abhilash thakur said...

is fitbit Charge HR is ship lin india. yes yes, please provide me any fitibit coupon

Unknown said...

I experienced this pain from elbow to hand on the fitbit hr arm - got so bad I ended up putting it up for sale at half the price I paid on Craigs list and it sold within a few days.

Maybe self justification, but I began researching electromagnetic radiation and the human body. I officially am a skeptic but who knows - cannot hurt to proceed with caution especially with small children.

orchidfae said...

Well, for one, you are wearing it to close to your wrist bone. Fitbit states to place it one finger length above for daily wear, and 3 finger lengths up your arm for intense activity. The smalls are too small, I have tiny wrists and ordered the large and it works just fine, not too big or small.

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