Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Weekend

I can't even begin to explain the amount of relief I feel knowing that starting at 3 pm for me today, it is a 3 day weekend!!!!!!!!!  I am exhausted, haven't been sleeping the best, and just want some relaxation time.  Not only is it Memorial Day Weekend, but it is also my 2nd Wedding Anniversary with Andy on Monday!  How has it already been 2 years where I got to wear the most beautiful dress, marry my soul mate, and celebrate with all of my family and friends?

I can't even begin to explain how I LOVE this photo!

Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Tankini Swim Top - Black/White

I am obsessed with polka dots right now....How cute is this swim suit!?!!
I do have a maternity suit to wear thanks to my friend Ali, but this would be on my wish list for a swim suit if I didn't have one!

Merona® Maternity Sleeveless Maxi Dress - Assorted Colors Merona® Women's Knit V-Neck T-Shirt Maxi Dress - Stripes

How cute are these dresses??  I had a Target gift card burning a hole in my wallet and decided to pull the trigger and get these 2 off of their website.  I LOVE the colors on both dresses.  The striped dress I ordered in the "Navy/Green" color.  I am hoping that these look great on and will be great additions to surviving this summer being pregnant.  :) 

Crystal Light Liquid Strawberry Lemonade Drink Mix 1.62 oz

Nothing says summer like Strawberry Lemonade.  I picked this up on a whim and LOVVVVEEE it!  It's a perfect way to to liven up my water and tastes good too!

Cap'n Crunch's , 22 oz

My current craving/ fact, it was dinner last night.  I've been having major heartburn after every meal and it's getting really tiring and nothing sounding good to eat and then getting heartburn from the meal, so cereal for dinner it was.  Good thing my husband doesn't mind cereal for dinner too.  :) 

My favorite link-up with ChristinaDarciApril, and Natasha!

I hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Weekend and I will update you all on Tuesday of my weekend ramblings!  :) 

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Jen said...

That swimsuit is so cute!!!

Ali said...

Yeah, that swimsuit it waaaaaay cuter than mine. Loving the polka dots too. And that wedding picture is perfect. : )

Jamie said...

Hope you had a great weekend!

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