Monday, May 5, 2014

Perfect Weekend!

We in St. Louis had an AMAZING weather for the first weekend in May.  In fact, why can't the weather always be like it was over the weekend??

Friday night
I went out with Ali to go register at Babies R Us!  I was so excited to go register and having a friend who has experience in this registering process was of significant help!  We spent a good 2 hours in the store scanning and playing with the gadgets.  I plan on posting on another day about what we registered for.
Ali took this photo of me.  We should have gotten a photo together too!  Dang it!
Fun Fact about me: I am a lefty!  (only writing and eating though)

I spy a silly kitty who thinks he deserves homemade pizza for dinner....LOL!!

Andy's new term of endearment for me is now, "Stinky".  I have no idea why or where he even got it from because I shower on a daily basis and use doesn't bother me at all, in fact I think it's funny.  I found this book while registering at Babies R Us and had to take a photo for Andy since he calls me Stinky.  LOL!

I had every intention on sleeping as much as possible.....annnnnnnnd I woke up at 8:30 am.  Oh well, at least it's better than my Monday thru Friday wake up time of 5:15 am!  I was really hungry anyways, so breakfast it is!  Is anyone else addicted to the Pillsbury "Orange Rolls" like I am?  Seriously, I LOVE those things!!  I then got ready to meet my mom at her house.  We were off to get me registered at Target!!  I'm a scanning fool!  :)  We had a great time, but I wish that Target carried more baby things to choose from.  We even went out of our way to register at a bigger Target in the St. Louis area and I felt like I wasn't able to choose everything that I wanted. That evening it was just me and Andy.  Dinner was at Red Robin and we watched a movie, "XXX" with Vin Diesel.  It's an older movie and I thought I was going to like it more, but that's OK! We had a good time together and that's all that matters!  Andy spend a good portion of the day sanding down the crib in order to get it ready to be painted!  I cannot wait to see how it looks painted!!
This face is too cute!!  This is how she sits next to me in the mornings while I eat breakfast.  She is totally using her "Cute Face" to get some Orange rolls....guess what, it worked!  SPOILED!

They both decided to try and get some of my orange sherbert push pop, this time it didn't work!  But this photo is still too cute!  :)  It's not the greatest photo, but it get's the point across!

These two are tired!  I love how where ever we are in the house, they are both with us!  LOVE!

I did finally get my sleep (9:30am wake up) and got ready to leave.  We had plans on lunch and Buy Buy Baby with Andy's parents.  (Yes, I was a registering fool over the weekend!)  Lunch was at Bandana's BBQ (so good!) and then we headed over to Buy Buy Baby for some more scanning action!  Andy's parents purchased us a new rocker/recliner for the baby room, which we are so greatful for the gift, and now to be patient for our new chair to be delivered.  8-10 weeks they said it could take, which I am OK with!  If you think about it, if it takes 10 weeks, then I will be 31 weeks pregnant, WOW!!  I cannot believe how fast time is flying!!  Dinner that night was us grilling at home (pork tenderloin, corn on the cobb and potatoes).  I'll be honest, I wasn't crazy over dinner one bit....I hate it when that happens.  I ended up being hungry about 2 hours later.  So my snack consisted of this new ice cream I found (coffee toffee chip!) and a small bowl full of trail mix.  Our neighbors purchased 2 new lounge chairs for their patio and I LOVED them!  I jokingly said they might find me on their patio one day with them not being home....LOL! I am ready for us to get our own patio and purchase some lounge chairs!  Here's hoping soon!! I ended my day with cutting more squares for the blanket I am making for Baby Boy's room and laundry.  Thrilling, I know!
Me sitting in our new chair (well the store model...)

We chose the "Buckwheat" color for the chair.  I loved the grey color of that chair, but it had a swirly print in the fabric and I thought it would look outdated in several years.  I really wanted a grey color chair, but we couldn't find a fabric color of grey that we liked.  The buckwheat will look nice for years to come!  :) 

I'm telling you guys, these chairs are fantastic!!  LOVED THEM!

Smokey really is a mama's boy!

He is so NOT helpful, but at least he's cute!!

My other side kick and mama's girl!  
(I promise you all, both animals love Andy, but both are very glued to me right now)

Obsessed with the Pandora station, "90's Pop Radio"  This is my go-to internet radio station anytime I want to listen to some music at home!  I still love the Bluetooth speaker Andy got me for Christmas.  It works great, it rarely needs to be charged and it sounds fantastic!

How was your weekend?
Was the weather in your neck of the woods as great as it is here??

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Jen said...

What an awesome weekend! You deserved it. :)

Melissa said...

Oh, it looks like you had a great weekend, girl! I LOVE that glider! We're barely looking at stuff yet (registered online), but it gets SO overwhelming! I'm glad you had friends to go and do it with you :)

~Dawn~ said...

What a fabulous weekend. I loved registering for my baby showers!! So fun! :)

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

sounds like a great weekend, mine consisted of my butt staying in a lounge chair pretty much all day hahaha hello sunburn

Ali said...

It was fun! LOVED it! Funny to see all the "new" stuff and it's only been two years since Max! : )

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