Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WIAW - Pregnancy Edition

It's been quite sometime that I've remembered to take photos of ALL my eats for the entire day for "What I Ate Wednesday".  I have been really trying to get the photos of my eats and then forget some lunch time because I am starving and all I can think about is how I want to stuff whatever lunch is in my face!  haha!  

Morning Drink
I've talked about my morning drink before, but let me all refresh you with my current love!
It's way cheaper than going to Starbucks everyday!  I have found this in my local grocery store, 6 packets (1 box) for $2.59.  Just add ice and milk (I use skim milk)

 Breakfast Number 1
A banana!  
I am loving fresh fruit and this really hits the spot!

 Breakfast #2
Yogurt with granola.

Leftover's from the night before, nachos!!!
I posted about the nachos yesterday and it seems like everyone who read my blog became instantly in love with the idea for nachos....LOL!  Nothing wrong with that!

After lunch I am always wanting something sweet. 
I limit myself to 2 of these a day.

BBQ Pulled Pork, tater tots and coleslaw

Sometimes I do have an after dinner snack, but it depends on if I am hungry or not.  Most nights all I want is a bowl of cereal, Capt n Crunch is my favorite currently!  

On the coleslaw.....the husband deserves a gold star!
Yesterday he went to lunch with a friend and they went to Wing-stop.  I was sitting at my desk and all I could think about was their coleslaw and how good it was and then a light bulb went off and I called him.  "Uh babe....I have an odd request.  Can you get me some coleslaw?  Just get a to-go container of it.  It would go really good with the pulled pork for dinner and it sounds so good!"  He laughs and says not a problem.  He tells the lady who is taking their order, "So I have a pregnant wife and she is requesting some coleslaw to-go, would you be able to do that?"  Of course she says yes and that it's not a problem.  She chats with him about the pregnancy, etc.  They then receive their food and get a bunch more wings than they ordered....apparently she either felt sorry for him or she thought he was such a good guy for getting his pregnant wife the coleslaw that she is craving.  Either way, it was WIN,WIN for the both of us!!

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Linnea said...

Those nachos do look good, lol.

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

now im starving! lol

Jen said...

Yum!!! I want food now haha.

Mrs. K said...

hungry now, too ;)

Hallie Oceanside said...

Oh my gos that pulled pork and tator tots? Perfection.

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