Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Monday's got you down?

Ugh, yesterday I was not in the mood to work (seriously, when are you ever ready to work?).  It was loud and noisy and tons of people were not being considerate of those who were working in their offices....You may have seen this yesterday on my instagram:

I almost NEVER close my door unless I have an important phone call to make or have an interview.  Yesterday was the exception though.  I am thankful for a door though.  My husband has a cubical and can't just shut a door.

I will say, the plus of yesterday, getting to see Baby Boy at his ultrasound appointment!!!!  They said the appointment was going to be about an hour long and yes it was!  It's still surreal to me that I am carrying a baby in my body.  That's probably because my placenta is at the front of my cervix and am not able to feel much movement still (I am almost 22 weeks pregnant).  He was being stubborn just like his dad yesterday in trying to get that profile photo.  We were never able to get one because he liked to face my back.  The ultrasound tech tried several times to get a face photo also in 3D but he just would not cooperate.  I will say, Baby Boy is DEFINITELY a BOY!  That was the first shot we got and there was no question on his gender.  LOL!  He was moving lots and the tech didn't see anything that was concerning.  Cue taking a weight off of my shoulder.  Heartbeat was at 132 beats per minute.  Right on track.  Also, his growth is right on track to where we thought it would be.  I am not sure if my due date is going to be moved up or down, but am waiting on the doctor to call about the ultrasound.  I would assume he would call just to say all good.  I didn't take any photos of the ultrasound photos...Ill try to get some of those uploaded for the Bump Date on Thursday for you all!

We "celebrated" (I will say, celebrated loosely) Cinco de Mayo by eating nachos at home.  I just browned some ground beef, added some taco seasoning, made some Mrs. Wages Pepper Jack Queso for Andy (he LOVES queso cheese), added some mexican shredded cheese and lettuce for me and ate away at the nachos.  I also had some salsa on top.  Dinner turned out SOOOOOO GOOD!!  This baby boy loves him some mexican food (which is so funny since Andy isn't a fan....LOL!)

Nachos and sweet tea for dinner, YUM!

Keeley got to spend a good amount of time outside with us last night.  Andy and Ryan were working on a new fish tank stand and a ton of our neighbors came out last night and we all got together to talk about whats going on in our lives.  It's nice when we all are finally no longer hermit crabs being inside 24/7!

My sweet puppy!!  We all know at least one photo of the animals must be on the blog!  :) 

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~Dawn~ said...

Those nachos look YUMMY...even at 9 in the morning. hehe
I'm glad that the weather has finally improved so that we can all come out of hibernation - it's so fun catching up with all the neighbors again!
Have a great day!

Jen said...

Awww yay for getting to see that precious baby boy!

Brittney, Breaking Free said...

umm now I want some nachos :) lol
glad your US went well!

Ali said...

I, too, want some nachos.

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