Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Smokey!!

Today we celebrate my Smokey's 4th "Birthday"!  Why is "Birthday" in quotes you ask? Because we consider his adoption day his birthday!  When we adopted him on February 26th of 2010, we were told her was 1 year old.  Today in 2014, he is considered 4 years old to us!  

This morning started off like every morning.  I woke up to a cuddly cat right next to me.  I shower and get ready for my work day and Smokey meow's reminding us that he is hungry and not to forget to feed him (seriously, we have NEVER forgotten to feed him and how could we when we have a cat who is meowing at us!  LOL)  He came downstairs and waited for me to put his wet food in the bowl and then looked at me like, I didn't want this flavor for my birthday.  Tough cat, it's what you got!  LOL.  He ate it anyways because he was hungry.  :)  He even posed for a photo for me before getting his food.  

Smokey loves his food, loves to cuddle, loves to play, especially loves toys with cat nip inside, loves his Keeley, and loves his mama and dad!  Happy 4th Birthday to my Smokey!!  

P.S. I realize this post makes me look like a total looney toon, wishing my cat a Happy Birthday, however; I don't care.  He's my baby and I love him so!
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Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Ahahah...YESSSS! We have the same shutterfly calendar and Amelia's face on her birthday (and our birthdays!) Great minds...! :) xx

Jamie said...

Ahh, happy birthday, Smokey!

Jen said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Smokey!!! :)

Eatlovemerry said...

So lovely! X

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