Friday, February 28, 2014

Last Day of February

Happy, Happy Friday!!! 


Grey's Anatomy came back on last night.  I was looking forward to seeing if April chose Jackson or Matthew, but was thoroughly disappointment in the story line.  So disappointed, that I fell asleep mid-way through the episode.  Andy woke me up at 9 to tell me to turn the TV off and get some sleep.  I guess I will catch the second half after work today.


Last night Keeley decided she wanted to cuddle in the middle of the night.  I'm not talking cuddle in the middle of my legs like she always does.  I'm talking cuddle up near me so that I can pet her and hug on her for a good hour.  She never likes to cuddle in the middle of the night like that, so anytime she wants to cuddle, I am game!  Obviously I have no photo of the Keeley cuddles since it was pitch black in our room and I'm not about to take a photo in the dark. 


Smokey decided he wanted to cuddle on the couch too.  Normally if you pick him up and set him on your lap, he wants nothing to do with cuddling.  But last night, he decided he would stay. LOVE!!  


It's still cold here.  We did get some nice weather last weekend on  Friday and Saturday, but that was short lived when a cold front came through Saturday evening.  Today they are calling for rain then turning over to snow by the evening.  Sunday is calling for ice and snow for most of the day and into Monday.  I heard predictions of around 6 inches and possibly more.  We shall see though.  Only 21 more days till spring, but then again last year it snowed after spring started....UGH!  I am so sick of my winter clothes.


Loving this iced coffee again, Maxwell House International Cafe Iced French Vanilla Coffee packets.   We did a BIG pantry clean out a couple weekends ago and I found these hidden in there.  It may be cold out, but these are pretty tasty in the morning!


Lunch date today with the hubby!  We are going to meet at my favorite place, Lion's Choice! We work about 20 minutes away from each other, so sometimes when he doesn't have anything to bring he will meet me at Lion's for my Friday lunch (it's about half way between our works).  

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and stay warm out there!!  
I am sure I have lots of puppy and kitty cuddles coming my way this weekend.  :) 

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Linnea said...

That iced coffee looks yummy! I hope that you have a nice weekend.

Jen said...

I have some of that iced coffee in my pantry, I guess I need to try it haha.

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