Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Makeup Routine

I am not the most fashionable person in this world.  In fact, i'd rather be in sweats and tennis shoes than dressed up.  When it comes to work, I dress in business casual and try to look my best.  Makeup is a given also for me at work, but I've learned to keep the makeup at a minimum.  Lately these have been my go to items in the morning:

1.  I am a big person on moisturizer, especially in the winter because my face dries out so much.  I decided to try the Olay BB Cream because I had a really good deal with CVS.  I picked up this moisturizer and an Olay fash wash for $6 total!  After hearing the reviews of the BB cream I was a little bit skeptical, but I will say that i really like the cream.  It gives great moisture on my face and covers up blemishes and marks on my face.  You can find this BB cream at most drug stores and big box stores.

2.  Cover Girl Professional Super Thick Lash Mascara in very black.  This mascara I heard really good things from Lauren Elizabeth and I am not a big loyal person to a certain kind of mascara so when I was needing a new tube of mascara, I went with what was recommended.  I do have to say, I really like the mascara.  It doesn't go on clumpy and the brush stays nice and clean (which is a win in my book).  If I had one complaint, it would be the build-up of extra mascara that builds at the end of the wand....but you get that with all mascaras.

3.  Clinique blended face powder in transparency neutral.  My mom actually gave this to me because she didn't like all the loose powder.  I love it though.  I LOVE how big this powder container is and for only $23.00 its last me at least 6 months.  It's not the best coverage, but for someone who wants just a little bit of coverage, this works just good for me!  

4.  Any neutral eye shadow is good for me!  Lately its been NYC HD Color Trio that I received from my Influenster box or its Bare Minerals eye color in Nude Beach.  If I had to choose a favorite, hands down it would be Bare Minerals eye colors!  I love the coverage of color you get with a nice shimmer.  

With nicer things that I sometimes attend or dress up for, I got with my Bare Minerals primer, foundation, and mineral veil.  I was using this on a daily basis, but with the cost of the makeup and I found something that works for things that I don't care as much for.  (Is that I bad that I don't care to dress up too much for work?  If so, who cares!)  

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Beth Ann said...

This is basically what I use (not same brands but same idea) plus eyeliner (lower only), blush, and lip gloss. I use Loreal Youth Code BB cream and love it! If you like nudes, you should get a naked palette! Ask for one for a gift sometime! (I wouldn't splurge on it for myself...too $ haha)

Mrs. K said...

I need to have some sort of routine. I'm bad with my skin. I moisturize only when I think of it. :(

Jen said...

I am all about a neutral eye shadow, I have a hard time going crazy.

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